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Final notes on a most excellent adventure!

So it all comes down to this.  One last blog post.  And I promise, it won’t be about politics (mostly)!  But up front I’d like to say thank you to anyone reading, to everyone in Blog Group B, and to Professor Kane.  This has been a pretty extraordinary journey and nothing what I thought I […]

Relying on the digital age to figure out your problems

The title of this post may suggest something more broad, but don’t be fooled.  I recently read an article in the Times  by Olivia Gagan in the Modern Love section – available only online, probably for good reason. She tells the, sad, tale of a breakup from someone she’d been involved with for 7 years.  And […]

Politics In Transition: What happens to @POTUS now that there’s a new president?

Where do all the president’s tweets and facebook posts go?

Your feelings don’t matter online.

Last week’s class on bullying gave me a lot to think about.  So far, we’ve hashed out a pretty broad array of possibilities when it comes to regulating content, and more importantly, people’s behavior.  But the pitfalls are many (i.e. 1st Amendment protections) to ensuring a safe, cordial public forum. It seems like there’s just […]

Secretly looking for a new job? LinkedIn can help.

It’s no mystery that social media has opened up the flood gates to insights into our personal lives.  Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, our personal information and media is generally accessible at the click of a button.  But with the benefit of being able to share all of this information comes the downside: the […]

Twitter, Presidential Debates, and how you stream.

Yet again, I find myself writing about the intersection of politics and social media, but the two are unavoidable!  No matter who you follow on Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn, we’re somewhat inundated with opinions from thought leaders, friends, and sometimes, total strangers.  I mentioned before that in a previous life, I worked in Politics […]

Initial Thoughts!

2006 was a big year for me.  I had just graduated from college and was setting out to make my mark on the world.  Armed with a degree in poli sci, a passion for the Senate, and few (arguably zero) commitments, I joined a statewide campaign in Connecticut for a Democratic challenger to a 6 […]