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Podcasts: a Win-Win for Both Parties

This summer, I had found myself in a very systematic, tight schedule in order to get dressed, pack, a lunch, etc. before work. Every morning my roommates and I would leave at 7:30AM to Cleveland Circle T stop to catch a seat for our commute. On our walk, we would catch up small talk, gossip, […]

Facebook: Using It’s Data For Good

In class, we broke down the 5 categories of activity on Facebook that the Harvard Business’ Case study had provided. Professor Kane’s insight on what Facebook’s most important activity was in order for them to stay valuable really resonated with me. It’s integration with other platforms, or advertising, is important but if it takes over […]

Following Up: My Summer at DigitasLBi

First off, I want to say thank you to Professor Kane for helping me get ready for Wednesday evening’s presentation. Going first was intimidating, but I’m happy to have it finished! Second, thank you to the entire class for going easy on me because I was first- I really appreciated the questions! Hopefully, I answered […]

Thoughts & Concerns about the Constant Scrolling

Signing up for this class was an intimidating process as an MCAS student. Although this is not my first CSOM class, Professor Kane’s warning that this “class isn’t for everybody” sets this class up to be challenging.  I was freaking out and still am, but I’m up for the challenge! But, after this week’s class, it […]

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