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Janie’s Got a (Smart)Gun

We use smart phones. We wear smart watches. We living in smart homes. Any and every aspect of our lives touches technology and turns to gold. What’s next, you might ask? Given our current national crisis, some would argue…guns. Aerosmith aside, I understand that there are significant cultural understandings, even within the same country, about […]

Exclusivity for Rent

My roommates and I got into a somewhat heated discussion the other day. Who decides that the trademark LV on a Louis Vuitton bag makes it a worthy thousand dollar purchase? Why can that and similar brands endure for centuries without innovation or much change at all? In other words, who do luxury brands think […]

Consent is Sexy and So is…Blockchain?

Wednesday’s class discussion centering on the WSJ’s article exploring the legal disputes involving emojis got me thinking for my blog post. For those that didn’t get a chance to read it, you can find the article here. What stuck out to me about the article most, though, was this reoccurring theme that people use technology to […]

Here Goes Nothing…

Initial Thoughts: Social Media I won’t start my first substantial blog post of the semester by jumping down your throats about how I feel about social media. Instead, I’d first like to share a couple of observations I wrestle with when the topic comes up. Disclaimer: these aren’t particularly revolutionary or insightful observations. I know. That […]

Test Post

A hello to my fellow classmates and any avid followers of the IS6621 Word Press site! I’m excited to start a semester in what is surely a different class than my usual. Although I thought I had sworn off Twitter after high school, I look forward to re-navigating  the site and discovering its potential today, […]