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That’s all folks.

My final blog. I went into this class not really sure what to expect. The base of my knowledge about social media was limited to personal consumption and technologies that interested me. I had not really had a chance to tackle social strategy from a corporate perspective and definitely had not had a chance to […]

A Chatbot that can order you PIZZA!

Domino’s Success Story: How a struggling Pizza chain embraced technology to win with consumers. The restaurant industry segment has started to struggle in 2016. While sales are not down, they are growing at a smaller pace and are expected to decline in the fourth quarter. Angst about the election and future of our country has […]

Virtual Reality without all the restrictions

In doing research for another (not quite as interesting) course this fall, I had to spend some time on the homepage. Intel, as most everyone probably knows, is famous for making the semiconductor chips and microprocessors. They were founded by Gordon Moore, known for his particularly famous “Moore’s Law” which his company has relentlessly […]

Email is the problem: Why social enterprise solutions like Facebook at Work are needed by all companies

My work email inbox is a constant source of stress in my life that never seems to be conquerable. If I get my inbox down under 10 unread emails by the end of the work day, I still always seem to come in with 50 the next morning. I spend more time in Microsoft Outlook […]

What is a Kanvas?

That was the question going through my head as the Social Media team at my company took us through some of the latest platforms we would be extending our marketing reach to over the coming months. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been introduced to platforms such as Wishbone (literally the ultimate time-waster) and Kanvas. This […]

Don’t be Blockbuster.

THE BACKGROUND Earlier this week, an e-mail went out to my department with an offer for free tickets to the FutureM2016 conference in Boston. I immediately signed up, seeing this not only as on opportunity to learn about marketing technology, but also as a great source of material for tweets and blogs! There was a […]

Have I really been on Facebook for a decade?

I remember when I activated my Facebook page and joined the online social media world. I was a senior in college and had just been accepted to the Elon University class of 2007. At the time, Facebook was only open to those with a “.edu” email address. While it would soon be opened to all, […]

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