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News Flash! – ISYS8621 Newsletter

I’m utilizing a newsletter format to reflect on the Fall 2021 Semester of ISYS8621 – Digital Transformation. I trust the irony of a traditional print model being digitally delivered is not lost on you

Can someone remove the people in the background from this photo? And replace the coffee cup with a wine glass? And use AI/ML to make it look like summer?

Hoping someone has a subscription to Adobe Photoshop, sufficient skills to make complex edits, and the time to actually fix this…just kidding, we are all busy enough at the moment. I was inspired to write this post after Professor Kane’s reminder of Adobe’s successful switch to a SaaS model and a recent announcement by Adobe […]

What is an entrepreneur?

“I am an entrepreneur” is a very complicated phrase to me. When I did an ironman and had a full time job in NYC that was entrepreneur-ish. When I pitched my 9-5 company to fund a non-profit that was entrepreneur-ish. Frankly, everyone can start a company and get an llc. What I would want to […]

Millennials and CSR

Fortune 500 firms currently spend more than $15 billion per year on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities – a number  that researchers say is rapidly rising. Whereas companies generally used to have very small CSR divisions, these teams are growing and taking on more responsibility within their corporations. While the core tenet of increasing value for […]

Tumblr ≠ Teenage Angst?!

I admit it. I was one of those high school teenagers that jumped on the Tumblr trend, constantly browsing through pretty outfits, inspiring quotes and TV show GIFs during class and study breaks. But after so many years, I really thought the presence of Tumblr was long gone…in fact, it was only on spring break […]

Winning the Internet in Gucci

Last week, the luxury fashion brand Gucci started generating headlines for unveiling its new collection of watches through creating a series of branded memes in collaboration with artists and popular Instagram meme accounts (referred to as the “collaborative art project” by the brand itself) and posting them on their social media channels. For a luxury brand with […]

Memes: The Voice of the Generation?

“Cash me ousside, how bow dah?”. If this phrase looks like nothing but a poorly-spelled and incoherent blurb, then congratulations, you have either been living under a rock or have not logged on to the Internet over the past month. Or perhaps, the way you use the Internet is completely different from every one else […]

Coffee, Watches & Kylie Jenner: Building a Brand with Social Media

I am fascinated by brands who get Social Media right. I might not be a customer or a frequent customer yet, but I still follow them – they make my insta feed look pretty and their funny (punny?) tweets make me smile – and I am sure I am not alone in this. What fascinates […]

So, how long have you been driving for Uber?

My freshman year at Boston College, I actually remember taking taxis.  It seems like a far-out, obsolete concept to some, but just a few short years ago, the only way a group of six people were going to find their way out of the North End after dinner by car was in one of those […]

Who Knows Publishing in 2017?

[Image from cover of novel by author Ben Bova, 1989 Tor Books] We’ve seen it coming since the eighties, but now that “cyberbooks” are upon us, not only in the form of ereaders but also online content through social media, what has changed for the publishing industry? For authors? Why are you lumping social media […]

October 31, 2009: My Last Day of Freedom

  November 1, 2009 was the day I got a Facebook. I am fairly certain I was the last person on the planet to get a Facebook as my parents were highly against a site that would release information about myself to the internet. Quite frankly, I am grateful it took them so long to allow […]

Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a blogger

“When I grow up I want to be ____” While I’m sure most kindergarteners still go for the classic “president” or “veterinarian”, I find it fascinating that the response “blogger” is just as valid of a profession in this day in age. Blogging has become an activity that provides various functions ranging from self-expression and […]

This Is It

I always feel that the semesters fly by.  Who would of thought that my Fall Semester of my Senior year at BC was quickly coming to a close.  As I have a job lined up following graduation this is truly bittersweet.  I have one semester left starting in January before I have to truly enter […]

Coming Soon: DirecTV Now

On November 28, 2016, AT&T will officially unveil its new digital television service, DirecTV Now. Last year, AT&T bought DirecTV for nearly $50 billion. In an effort to stay competitive and make more money, AT&T is now introducing DirecTV Now. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said, “If you can bring a compelling price point and a compelling content […]

A Chatbot that can order you PIZZA!

Domino’s Success Story: How a struggling Pizza chain embraced technology to win with consumers. The restaurant industry segment has started to struggle in 2016. While sales are not down, they are growing at a smaller pace and are expected to decline in the fourth quarter. Angst about the election and future of our country has […]