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News Flash! – ISYS8621 Newsletter

I’m utilizing a newsletter format to reflect on the Fall 2021 Semester of ISYS8621 – Digital Transformation. I trust the irony of a traditional print model being digitally delivered is not lost on you

Ultra Successful

**Just a heads up, I wrote this while the music festival took place this weekend and that is why it focuses partially on 2017. Also, my hyperlinks were not working so all of my sources are at the end of the blog.** This weekend, Ultra Music Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary in Miami, Florida. Ultra […]

Black Friday ?!

Ever since I was a little girl I remember hearing the hubbub surrounding Black Friday Shopping and all the discounts and sales that come with it.  My dad always had to work and my mom would have us sleep at my Grandma’s house so she could go out with my Aunt to try and get […]

Stalking or Finding?

I remember vividly how upset I was when my dog ran away when I was five.  Living in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, we scouted the acres of wood for her tiny, white thirteen pound body.  Luckily, she was found, and the Veterinarian recommended we insert a GPS tracking device in her so that […]

Crowdfunding Art

Artists just can’t seem to win these days. If a streaming service like Spotify isn’t pulling most of the profit from the songs, then chances are iTunes is doing the same exact thing, or maybe it’s Tidal, Apple Music, whatever. Or perhaps the artist is releasing music on Bandcamp where a total of 10 people, if […]

Streaming: the music industry’s greatest aly

This past Monday was “Music’s Biggest Night”; hundreds of celebrities, actors and artists walked the red carpet and some of the biggest names in music today took to the stage at the 58th Annual Grammys. The awards show began and proceeded as it usually does, with a big opening performance followed by a string of […]

ModilMe: The Uber For Clothes

Hi everyone, before posting my final reflection on this class, I wanted to share with you guys a startup I recently became involved in and see what you guys think.   ModilMe The idea of this company is to be able to monetize excess clothing and shoes by selling or lending to people in your local […]

1 Week, 3.4 Million Albums

Remember when buying and receiving iTunes gift cards was useful? Whether they were for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts, $10 on an iTunes gift card could get you a whole album. However, those days are old news. These days, a majority of avid music listeners are subscribed to Spotify premium or loyal streamers on SoundCloud. […]

Social Media and Music

     In this blog post, I am going to discuss the music industry and the platforms that are currently available to stream music (some of which I’m sure you are already familiar with) and how they encourage online social interaction amongst users. In this post, I will be discussing Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp and […]

Why Crowdsourced Contests Rock!

What is a crowdsourced contest? Companies reach out to the general public to come up with a solution to one of their problems, come up with a new product, or otherwise help them in some way in exchange for a reward. For example, Lays’ Do Us a Flavor contest asks participants to submit new and creative chip flavors […]

The Apple Experience: Greater Than The Sum of its Parts

Most experts agree that the iPhone is not the most technically superior smartphone in the market. In fact, several different phones are far superior to the iPhone in categories like screen resolution, battery life, and processing speeds. The Samsung Galaxy line of phones seem to be better across the board in terms of technical capabilities, and […]

Why SoundCloud is my Favorite Social Media Program

Most college students have accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The big four of social media definitely have a huge impact on my life, from getting party invites to catching up on current events. While I do get excited when my Instagram picture receives over 30 likes (Its hard out here for a guy with […]

Who Do You Know Here?: How Affiliation Goes a Long Way in Social Media

Social media doesn’t get enough credit. Some people consider it a consider it a wasteland for millenials to post selfies on. Others believe it creates an environment that gives credit to those who don’t deserve it (for example, The Fat Jewish). Yes, certain outlets do prove these skeptics true, but as a whole, social media […]

This Time, The Revolution Will Be Televised

Ten year ago, the storm would have been it. It would have come, the scene would have been shut down, and headliner Lorde would have just packed up and called it a night.

Spotify vs. Tidal: Should You Pirate Music?

Daft Punk. Chris Martin. Nicki Minaj. Rihanna. Jack White. Usher. Madonna. Win Butler. Alicia Keyes. Beyonce. Kanye West. Jay Z. Drinking champagne, kissing hello on both cheeks, talking about starting a movement, claiming this yet to be named collaboration is “ego-less” (re-read previous 12 names), arguing that whatever ‘it’ is (still yet to be named) […]