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Are you smarter than ProfKane?

Do you think you’re seasoned enough to teach #IS6621? With over half of the semester in the rearview mirror… …it’s time to test your knowledge! The following quiz is designed to put your brain to the test as it relates to class content and the social-media-digital-business landscape, so that ideally neither Grad students (with their […]

Winning the Internet in Gucci

Last week, the luxury fashion brand Gucci started generating headlines for unveiling its new collection of watches through creating a series of branded memes in collaboration with artists and popular Instagram meme accounts (referred to as the “collaborative art project” by the brand itself) and posting them on their social media channels. For a luxury brand with […]

10 Critical Spring Break Hacks

For those of you who hate February, much like I do, partially because of the miserable 4:30PM-sunset-snow-hail-storm weather and partially because of the existence of Single Awareness Day, I have good news for you: the tragic month is almost over. Now I have even better news for you: March is upon us. Everyone knows what […]

October 31, 2009: My Last Day of Freedom

  November 1, 2009 was the day I got a Facebook. I am fairly certain I was the last person on the planet to get a Facebook as my parents were highly against a site that would release information about myself to the internet. Quite frankly, I am grateful it took them so long to allow […]

Why Pin It when you can Buy It? (I’ll tell you why)

“This is revolutionary!” is what my coworker exclaimed when he first heard about Pinterest rolling out Pinterest’s Buy button back in June of 2015. The concept was simple – let people purchase products featured in Pins straight from Pinterest. “Everybody browses on Pinterest, and letting people purchase straight from Pinterest is brilliant. It removes the […]

Posted Up In Hillside

“When I was abroad and didn’t have wifi for one or two days, I would miss so many Instagrams” my friend Christina mused. We sat in Hillside with our New England Classics in one hand and our phones in the other. “And then when I would finally get wifi,” she continued, her eyes bulging, “I […]

Let’s have a BeautyTalk – Sephora, a disruptor in beauty retailing

Although consumers find beauty stores less and less attractive (less than 1 out of 4 French women go inside a selective beauty store), Sephora has never performed so well. Driving growth at luxury house LVMH, its parent company, it is the 1st cosmetics seller worldwide (Bloomberg Business) and the 10th best retail brand in Europe, […]