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News Flash! – ISYS8621 Newsletter

I’m utilizing a newsletter format to reflect on the Fall 2021 Semester of ISYS8621 – Digital Transformation. I trust the irony of a traditional print model being digitally delivered is not lost on you

flat tummy tea-ns

A couple of weeks ago I watched “Eighth Grade” (trailer below), which captured the utter anxiety and insecurity that middle school is ripe with. What really gave me anxiety though was just how much social media plays a huge part in amplifying these, so much so that after the film ended I thanked the fates […]

Why Snapchat Looks Different

There has to be some sort of reason why everything got worse…

Brands & Influencers: How they help each other make $$$

Last week, Amazon launched a Social Media Influencer program. The program will allow the influencers to earn fees for purchases that were made through their social media accounts and posts. Amazon will also assign a custom URL for the customers who would want to shop a certain influencer’s feed. Unlike the existing Amazon Affiliates program […]

Are you smarter than ProfKane?

Do you think you’re seasoned enough to teach #IS6621? With over half of the semester in the rearview mirror… …it’s time to test your knowledge! The following quiz is designed to put your brain to the test as it relates to class content and the social-media-digital-business landscape, so that ideally neither Grad students (with their […]

Winning the Internet in Gucci

Last week, the luxury fashion brand Gucci started generating headlines for unveiling its new collection of watches through creating a series of branded memes in collaboration with artists and popular Instagram meme accounts (referred to as the “collaborative art project” by the brand itself) and posting them on their social media channels. For a luxury brand with […]

October 31, 2009: My Last Day of Freedom

  November 1, 2009 was the day I got a Facebook. I am fairly certain I was the last person on the planet to get a Facebook as my parents were highly against a site that would release information about myself to the internet. Quite frankly, I am grateful it took them so long to allow […]

Black Friday ?!

Ever since I was a little girl I remember hearing the hubbub surrounding Black Friday Shopping and all the discounts and sales that come with it.  My dad always had to work and my mom would have us sleep at my Grandma’s house so she could go out with my Aunt to try and get […]

Battle for Video Supremacy

If you’ve haven’t realized, Facebook is kind of a big deal. Facebook has a market valuation around $350 billion and is competing against the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft to be the first company to reach that illustrious $1 trillion mark. The platform is home to more than 1.5 billion users or more than […]

Photographing Strangers (Take 2)

After a good deal of sweating and heart palpitations, my individual presentation is over! Woohoo! I survived! Due to the brevity of the presentation, I’m taking this blog post to elaborate on some of the research I did when exploring my topic– photographing strangers. Just in case you were as tired as I am when 8 […]

Social Media and Digital Business in the Fitness Industry: Part 2

For my class presentation, I discussed examples of how the fitness industry leverages social media and digital business. The three key examples I highlighted were: Classpass, fitness programs, and tracking devices. In this blog post, I am going to provide a bit more analysis as to why these examples are so successful. Network Effects: Network […]

I’m Making Ugly Faces, Snapchat is Making Money

Snapchat, (or should I say Snap Inc.?) is currently in the midst of preparing for an initial public offering which is projected to be at a valuation of $25 billion or more. In context, that’s larger than both Twitter’s and Facebook’s initial IPOs from a few years back. Ironically, there is good money to be […]

The Kardashians Are Smarter Than You

The quintessential Kardashian is typically painted as a vapid and talentless reality television star who wears too much mascara and is symbolic of the declining quality of the entertainment industry. Although the hyper-sexualization and entertainment shock value is evident, there is a lot more to the Kardashian/Jenner clan than meets the eye. And a lot […]

Posted Up In Hillside

“When I was abroad and didn’t have wifi for one or two days, I would miss so many Instagrams” my friend Christina mused. We sat in Hillside with our New England Classics in one hand and our phones in the other. “And then when I would finally get wifi,” she continued, her eyes bulging, “I […]

The Facade of Happiness on Social Media

Sitting through the first Kane Social Media class my thought process went something like this: (1) Professor Kane is animated, cool! (2) How do I manage all of this on canvas? (3) Where are we on canvas now? (4) This is a lot of information (5) Professor Kane is crazy! (6) That girl looks like […]