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Is Black Friday Dead? 

Were any of you bribed to go Black Friday shopping when you were kids?   I was and I remember it clearly. My mom would bribe us with McDonald’s breakfast to wake up really really really early (looking back now, it wasn’t that early but still) to go with her to the mall on Black Fridays. I remember the buzz […]

Yea, the “Metaverse” is cool but not as cool as “Artificial implant stimulating a central nerve to strengthen neural pathways so a human can improve their golf swing – cool”.

On April 24th, 2021, The Lancet published a paper that shared details of a clinical trial for people who suffered from an ischaemic stroke and lost arm function who then received an implant to stimulate the vagus nerve in helping to regain motor function. The results were promising which indicates that this treatment can be […]

America’s Technology Highway…Is in Massachusetts?

Route 128 Source: Wikipedia Believe it or not, “America’s Technology Highway” is actually what Route 128 was once referred to as. The highway that runs 57 miles from Canton to Gloucester and was opened in 1951 was the center of the nation’s most innovative technology companies beginning in the 1960s until the mid-1980s. Earlier this […]

 Rise and Fall of General Electric

Drawing back on our discussions from class a couple weeks ago, I recall Professor Kane acknowledging a need for a possible Blog Post regarding the decline of GE’s stock. The reasons behind the needed post, however, I can’t seem to remember at the moment, so if any of you seem to remember, feel free to […]

RE: From Yarn to Tag

RE: From Yarn to Tag Last month I presented on RFID technology in the fashion industry. Some of the initial anecdotal responses I received, as well as questions post-presentation, were surrounding my mention of RFID technology on yarn. I decided to do deeper research on the subject and investigate how the process works and the […]

The Artist’s Digital Transformation

A lot of tweets and comments in class show my interest on the impact of digital transformation on the creative process. My interest in the potential for technology to transform how people create and experience content goes back to my undergraduate studies at Oberlin College, where I designed an independent major that combined computer science, […]

Unlocking the World with LiDAR

Background My class presentation last week focused on LiDAR technology. I chose this topic because I’ve heard about laser technology being used to make archeological discoveries and wanted to learn more. My research taught me that LiDAR is much more than a way to look through the trees to find ancient ruins, but is a […]

Digital Citizenship: Blockchain Technology’s Third Order Effect

Key Points “[digital citizenship is] the state of being vested with the rights and privileges of a citizen within a digitally organized society” “As the concept of digital citizenship becomes more accessible and understood, people will prioritize digital societies more for their financial, democratic, and transparent attributes” “state and non-state actors could gain or lose […]

Blog 5: JEDI to JWCC; How the DoD is using top Cloud Service Providers to fulfill battlefield needs

TL;DR: The 2017 Department of Defense Cloud Computing Contract (JEDI) awarded to Microsoft was cancelled due to a need for a more inclusive cloud computing infrastructure of the DoD. Last week, the Pentagon announced JEDI’s replacement, JWCC, and who they have identified as able CSPs to bid on its next major cloud initiative: Amazon, Microsoft, […]

How has gaming become more popular than Wimbledon?

I saw in a recent article that this year’s Esports tournament champions earned more than Wimbledon & Masters winners, and I started wondering whether I got it all wrong in life. Why did my parents force me to go play outside instead of playing video games? I could be a millionaire today! Jokes on the […]

OK BOOMER – The Potential of Gray Tech

Most of the topics we’ve covered this semester seem to be related to cutting-edge technologies and the concepts behind them. For any of these digital tools to truly change the way the world works, the majority of consumers need to buy in and I think oftentimes it’s easy to forget about the baby boomer generation. […]

Are you going back to the office? Do you have your pet covered?

Since February of last year, we have gone through some crazy changes due to Covid-19. Our way of living has wholly shifted, and as a society, we are re-evaluating our priorities. Flexibility has been the norm in most industries. It has resulted in a more positive work-life balance for most people, but the real winners […]

Quantum Computing is Creeping Closer and Closer

Quantum Computing is a form of computation that leverages the abilities of bits when they are in a quantum state to perform calculations. Classical computing, what we’ve all learned and become accustomed to, has bits that equal either 0 or 1 at any given time. From there, you can combine 8 of them to turn […]

Blog 4: Cloud Wars; AWS, Azure, GCP

“Digital transformation” has been a buzzword over the last few years, with small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises moving operations to the cloud and adopting online productivity and collaboration services.” – Forbes One of last week’s readings was a GCP article surrounding the adoption of cloud services, in particular Google’s Cloud services, […]

America’s Pastime or America’s Snoozetime

First off, congrats to the Atlanta Braves on their World Series win a couple weeks back. A really fun team to watch once my hometown Red Sox got eliminated. At least the team with ties to Boston managed to come out on top in the end. We’ve had some really good debates in this class […]