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The technology fallacy is that digital problems don’t always require digital solutions and I think the game of golf provides a great way to visualize that. As a collector of hickory golf clubs, I can appreciate just how simple the game was meant to be, with players originally responsible for making their own clubs which […]

Textile Mills…Railroads…Coal Mines…Instagram?

The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” may spur the next frontier of workplace safety measures At first glance, the title seems like a “which of these is not like the other?” game, but in actuality, the mental health implications wrought by technological innovations like Instagram could spur the next frontier in workplace safety regulation.  When our class […]

The Most Human Chess Engine

If you’re at all familiar with chess, you know that AI has long been dominant in the game compared to humans. Most Grandmasters and Super Grandmasters of chess now utilize Artificial Intelligence to analyze their own games to find mistakes and areas to improve. But playing and practicing against AI is very different than playing […]

I don’t pay for shi**y internet service

How many times over the past year have you been kicked off a zoom call and said “sorry, I got kicked off…can you repeat that?” It was frustrating and I kept thinking “I don’t pay for shi**y internet service.”  We relied heavily on technology for every aspect of our lives the past year or so; […]

$12 Gucci Sneakers …

I interned as a brand consultant over the summer and for one of the projects I conducted market research on which brands appeal to Gen Z and younger Millennials (aged 18-34) and which brands are most trusted by them.  What appealed to me the most was how luxury brands are going out of their way to […]

WebMD: Do I have a Headache or am I Dying?

In 2011, IBM’s Watson became a sensation after its Jeopardy debut, being able to process natural language and scan its library of information to retrieve the correct information in a matter of seconds. About two years later, Watson was deployed to its first business application, and what seemed like a natural fit, healthcare. With the […]

Can a Machine Learning System Unlearn?

I was inspired by this article as well as my experience before starting my MBA. Several years ago, I encountered the theme of “learn, unlearn, relearn” and made an effort to incorporate it into my work. Now, as a graduate student, I try and incorporate it into my education as I encounter new ideas that […]


ENERGY, CLIMATE CHANGE AND GLOBAL POVERTY Human history is driven by technological innovations. Such innovations allowed humankind to turn energy into food, heat, and motion. During the 19th and 20th centuries, energy-related innovations improved the quality of life and boosted economic growth globally. On the one hand, energy consumption is strongly correlated to economic growth […]

City-State Competition on the Digital Plane

Key Points “[digital systems of government] decide on the rules over the system, rather than within the system” “There are parallels between what digital and material forms of government can do” “Forward looking companies can optimize their digital footprints to lower expenses and shape the operating environment in Web 3.0” An enduring topic of conversation […]

Why Doesn’t Anyone Look Like Me?

Personally, this is a question I ask myself more often than I would like to admit. I can only imagine how often this question comes across for other minorities working in technology or computer-related occupations. To be honest, you do not have to search too hard to start finding answers to this question as the first statistic you come across shows that in 2020 women made up 25% of these occupations and of […]

Battle of Business Chat Communication Tools

The fight to be recognized as the best-in-class business chat tool is raging. Businesses are determining whether they are best served by using Slack, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, or one of the many other offerings. As of now, there has been no clear winner, but there are industry leaders. My peers in class have reported […]

Failure to Launch 2: Cyber Insurance

In the much-anticipated sequel to the beloved box office hit starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker, Failure to Launch 2: Cyber Insurance has viewers on the edge of their seats wondering “when will this end?” and “is this a terrible title for a blog or am I just super lame?” The story brings us […]

Ready, Set, Play!

Who knows me also knows that I love tennis; I’ve been playing this sport for the past 20 years, so naturally, I could not help myself but watch the US Open Tennis Tournament this past month. This tournament has been very different from the ones I saw before; not only did a women’s qualifier win […]

Blog 2: Digital Assistants or Digital Assistance.

Use the Web to Get Stuff Done…Better. Introduction The world is a tough place* and as a graduate student, I will do anything in my power to make my life easier, especially in school. Balancing school, employment opportunities (applying, interviewing, etc.), keeping my amazing wife happy, family, fitness, extracurricular activities, grocery shopping, and subsequently cooking; […]

ESG-Data Supply Chain

In this blog post, I want to talk about how companies can use an already existing management concept (the supply chain) to help them comply with new regulatory requirements, ultimately making them a more sustainable company overall using data. What is the EU taxonomy? The EU Taxonomy is a classification system allowing business activities to […]