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Facing the unfamiliar to see the unknown

Facing the unfamiliar … At the beginning of this class, I did not feel too comfortable about blogging, commenting, and especially using Twitter. Back home in Germany, communicating or sharing thoughts this way is very uncommon, especially in the classroom. However, I hypothesized that it only made sense for me to take on the challenge […]

Developing a market entry strategy for a VTOL aircraft

Lilium is a German company founded in 2015 which develops a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft. The company aims to create “the world’s first five-seater vertical takeoff and landing electric jet” to provide on-demand air transportation services such as “air taxis” by 2025 for intercity and interregional travel. I was able to get to […]

Blog 72: Final Blog.

The Final Blog for #ISYS8621 Why I like being being different: This class was supposed to be different. Starting from the syllabus, my initial reaction to this class was, well that’s weird. We read a lot of articles, two books, had some great class discussions, and learned from one another through presentations. We held our […]

How technology can really make an impact – Zipline in Rwanda

Rwanda invests significant amounts in Information Technologies (IT) and the high-tech sector. This usually leads to disputes with international organizations and public financial backers. For instance, the German development agency GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) prefers to support the poorest of the poor and improve their situation. Therefore support by international donors or agencies in high-tech projects is […]

Reflections of ISYS8621:

As I write this final blog, I have Covid and it’s my birthday. So it’s an interesting time for me to look back on an interesting class. This was also my first course taken in-person since Covid began for some perspective It was certainly a breath of fresh air to have a class so heavily […]

Embracing the Known

As I walked out of our first Digital Transformation class on September 1st, I was convinced that it would be my first and last course with Professor Kane. In my first blog post I openly admitted that I wasn’t confident in my social media skills and that my only active social media was LinkedIn. If […]

So long #ISYS8621

What a semester it’s been! I for one am glad to have finally been on campus instead of attending classes on zoom.  Although this is not your typical class it is just as valuable as others for any MBA student.  Upon reading the syllabus, these statements made by Professor Kane jumped out to me: Fair warning, this course […]

Lex Got Digital

As confident as I may have sounded in my first blogpost (“I expect this course to help me manage the organizational changes required to harness the power of technology in my Legal Department.”), I was actually pretty nervous about this class. Admittedly, law is more of my thing than technology and I don’t consider myself […]

And Just like That… Another Semester in the Books

Looking back on this semester and Digital Transformation in particular, one thought can’t escape my mind… How has an entire semester’s worth of class already passed us by?! I can easily remember my mindset while writing the expectations blog, getting all worked up over the explicit warnings Professor Kane gave us all on how different […]

You and I have memories, longer than the road that stretches out of here

Thinking of this final blog post, my mind kept swirling around two topics that kind of bookended the start and end of this course for me, neither of which are pleasant topics: death and COVID. The former was with regard to a dear friend who died suddenly, accidentally in September and the latter was with […]

Dos and Dont’s

It is a cliche, but I absolutely cannot believe that this is the last blog post of the semester. Typing the final blog post of the semester means months have passed, the seasons have changed, and I am on the cusp of completing two more courses in the part-time MBA program. I am also on […]

An Undergrad Amidst the Sea of Grad Students

Surprise! For those of you who didn’t know – I am an undergraduate. Although mostly everyone knows at this point, so for those who did know i am an undergrad, surprise – I am STILL an undergraduate!! *Cue gasp* Haven’t failed out ………….yet. I recall one presenter making a joke that poked fun at undergrad […]

I understand the Digital Hype a bit more now…

From creating a twitter account for the first time to writing Blogs, there were a lot of first for me in this course. It’s the first class where I saw not only peoples career backgrounds coming into the conversation but everyone’s interests also showing through the conversations, discussions, and presentations. In my first Blog I […]

Favorite Blogs of the Semester

In my initial blog post, I wrote about digital transformation in the eyes of businesses and what I expect to happen in the future. In that first post, I mentioned AI and Big Data as the most probable drivers for innovation in the business space. After this semester, I still believe big data and AI […]