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Sneaky Transactions

It’s without question, that as technology continues to advance, payment methods and solutions are sure to follow. However, the latest buzz surrounding the volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, has consumers and industry analyst scratching their heads. Just six months ago, Bitcoin had a high of nearly 19,283, but with a 59% value drop, […]

AI in Sports

The sports world is an industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. From gate revenues, merchandising, sponsorships, to media rights, the money is everywhere. With AI becoming more popular and common in today’s world, it isn’t surprising that it is being used to transform the sports world. There are countless types of […]

Artificial Intelligence: Is it”Smarter” than us

In class we’ve discussed in varying degrees whether or not Artificial Intelligence is already “smarter” than us. Calculators and Microsoft Excel Sheets can perform mathematical equations faster than humans could dream of solving them. Computers have been beating World Chess Champions since Deep Blue beat Kasparov in 1997 and have only been making improvements since. […]

Russia’s war on social media

When talking about Russia, words like “democracy” and “freedom of speech” are not the first to come to mind. Censorship and control of media like newspapers and television has always provided the government opportunities to influence the information citizens consume and thus their points of view. However, rise of the Internet and social media presented […]

The Age of Consent

Most people hear the word consent and their mind jumps immediately to sex. That’s okay, we’re only human. Yet, over the past decade, the concept of consent has become the focal point of many high profile events that run the gambit of societal issues. This term, that seems so specific in its meaning, can be very […]

The Fall and Rise of Domino’s

I went to college out in Western Massachusetts, in a town that didn’t exactly embrace the concept of “college town”. So, if you were looking for a snack after midnight, and you didn’t have a car to hit up the 24 hour McDonalds, you were limited to your friendly local Domino’s – open and delivering […]

One Small Step for Man…

The reasons why real hoverboards and everything else you want don’t exist.