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UBER & LYFT: Why are Prices So High?

It was 9:43pm. Rushing to get ready, I called my friends anxiously asking what time they were heading to Boston for the night. “We’re leaving Cityside in 15 minutes, so hurry”. Realizing I had zero time to walk from my Boston College dorm to CitySide Bar, I opened up my Uber app to search for […]

Initial Expectations for Digital Transformation: My Practical Applications for a Cross-Generational Legal Department’s Digital Upgrade

I missed last class because I was in back-to-back meetings discussing the operations – both intra-department and intra-company – of the Legal Department of the construction company at which I work. One of the topics that we kept circling back to involved digital transformation: how can we update the old-school ways of saving legal data […]

Digital Transformation of Cooking

Like most of you did or probably will, I did struggle to find a topic to discuss or to feel like I had any information to expertly share with you all, but stumbled upon this as I was trying to figure out what to do for dinner this week. In this post, I will be […]

Be My Eyes – Transforming Lives

I found myself going down the rabbit hole of the internet, and while most occasions this would result in lost time and maybe even a few lost brain cells. This time, I am so glad I did. I discovered by far the best mobile app ever, way better then Tik Tok, Spotify and even beating […]

Man Versus Machine

Do me a favor? Read the meme above, and then go ahead and read it again. The goal of automation has always been to improve lives. Automation is not malicious in purpose; “Automation is a tool and not a behavior” (Think Automation). However, the fear of unethical automation practices becomes more real as automation becomes more proficient. […]

It’s 2021, so why does it feel like my medical history is still recorded like its 1921?

Among the weeds that line the forest that is our totally broken healthcare system here in the US, lies a hidden danger, a thorn if you will, that I recently got stuck on. That little sting of a cut the thorn makes in your leg has the potential to get infected and become the root […]

Digital Transformation in Government

My name is Miles Walters, and I am a Part-Time MBA student at Boston College. I am working on obtaining my second master’s degree because, honestly, I love school and student loan debt too much. All jokes aside, I received my first graduate degree in Public Administration from Northeastern University and hope to continue honing […]

I’m interested in…

Hello and welcome to my first blog post. I’d like to begin by introducing myself to you all. I take the former of my first name and go by Daren. I’m from Sacramento, California and as of last year I’ve been living in the gorgeous city of Boston to complete my MBA in one year. […]

To drop or not to drop…

This is not only my first blog for ISYS8621, but my first blog ever (of course not taking in consideration class discussions on Canvas or silly Facebook posts). I have spent countless hours staring at screens reading someone else’s articles, but to be frank, I never thought about writing myself. I never saw myself as […]

Stepping out of my digital comfort zone

I have never written a post on a blog before. I have never posted a tweet. And I am not an expert on digital transformation, digital business, or digital disruption. My name is Max, and I am a graduate exchange student from Germany whose goal it is to step out of his comfort zone – […]

The Digital Transformation Sandwich

My expectations for Digital Transformation fall into a few different buckets, depending on whichever “hat” I might be wearing as I move through the Fall of 2021. Indeed, I would break out those expectations across three different contexts: As an MBA student in this program As an employee of Boston College’s Office of Communications As […]

Am I ready for some Digital Transformation?

Before diving into my thoughts on the class, I thought it would be best to first introduce myself. My name is Rob Perrault. I am in the part time MBA program here at Boston College. I just passed the halfway point in my curriculum and if all goes to plan, I should graduate in the […]


Initial Expectations for Initial Expectations for Emerging Technologies and Digital Business. Introduction… Hi Class,  My name is Kayla Cyrs and I started the part time MBA program at BC two years ago in August 2019. It is crazy to think that this is my final year in the program. I remember thinking how far away 2022 […]

Digital Transformation – What’s the Hype?

Hey there! If there are grammar mistakes in what you are about to read, I promise ill get better by end of this semester. I had always secretly wanted to start a Blog, but never thought it would be about Digital Transformation of all things. Excited to explore not only my writing skills but also […]

Expectations! Thoughts! Offer to Bake!

Truthfully, I was a bit apprehensive about the first class and was definitely one of those people who contemplated dropping the course. I think the syllabus was one part of that, another part being that this is my first in-person MBA course. Having sat through the first session though, I am feeling better about the […]