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RA Evalu- I mean Final Blog Thoughts

(I tried several times to be witty with this but I have written 10/18 RA performance evaluations so all my brain can see right now is skills and opportunities for growth, which isn’t the worst format for closing reflections, so here we go!) I am genuinely glad I ended up taking this course, however it […]

Final Blog (I’m out of clever titles)

One thing from this class that I’m sure most of us can relate, is how little I actually know of the constant changes and innovations that are constantly being worked on and released. How Covid may have hurt a lot of companies, but it also allowed for so many more to innovate and be stronger […]

The Transformation Continues

Walking out of class last Wednesday was a bizarre feeling for me, as it was my last class and the last time I’d be on campus as a student at BC. Although I knew it would be my final class, it still never really sunk in until I started to pack up my stuff and […]

News Flash! – ISYS8621 Newsletter

I’m utilizing a newsletter format to reflect on the Fall 2021 Semester of ISYS8621 – Digital Transformation. I trust the irony of a traditional print model being digitally delivered is not lost on you

The Future of Transportation & My Final Reflection

This semester, we learned a lot about the emerging technologies rapidly transforming the transportation sector. For example, we learned about how Lidar technology and reCAPTCHA provide autonomous vehicles with the capability to identify multiple objects around a particular area. In my final blog of the semester, I will share some of the most innovative technologies […]

An Ode to all the Unwritten Blog Posts 

So if you think this is going to be an easy class, you should probably just leave now… (or something along those lines). Professor Kane Fall 2021 I started so many blogs post this semester and left many half written. In my mind there was just too much to cover, and I would not have done the topic justice. My […]

What a way to make the turn

As I stated in my opening blogpost, this semester started the back half of my curriculum at Boston College. Up until this point I have essentially fulfilled the core classes as required by the curriculum with the remainder being dedicated to electives. #ISYS8621 (sorry habit including that hashtag) was unlike any course I’ve taken in […]

Flipped-Turned Upside Down

Now, this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down And I liked to take a minute Just sit right there I’ll tell you how I became… digitally transformed! Wow, I can’t believe I actually did that. But really this class has changed the way I go about my day. Flipped-turned […]

The Three Cs of Digital Transformation

What a ride this class has been! My girlfriend and I have been on a big Scattergories kick in our house, so I’m deep into trying to start every word I can think of with the same letter. Tonight’s die landed on C, so I figured I’d go with Cs to recap my semester. If […]


Here I find myself typing these last words sitting in the same spot inside the library of Boston College, somehow all ends as it starts. One of the biggest expectations I had from this course was to find interesting people to network with and develop digital projects that transform people’s lives. A good class is […]

My Digital Transformation

The say that the mark of an educated man is that he knows that which he is ignorant of. If that is the case, then I might be the best educated man in the whole MBA program. I knew going into this class that I had a lot to learn about. I got my undergrad […]

DropItLikeItHox – Looking Back (PROF KANE DISS TRACK)

(Let the first 4 beats play out, start around 0:12 when drums come in) Initial Expectations for our Digital TransformationFirst the tech fallacy for the class to build foundationThe people and processes before the technologyDon’t get it twisted, that’s the right ideology Technology, it pops and then in the shadows it goes,But if we focus […]

Blogging Off

Boston, it’s been real. A year ago, I moved to Boston to start my journey at Boston College, and the Beantown has carved out a special place in my heart. I truly believe Boston is the prettiest city in the United States, besides these rats and rodents all over the streets making it seem like […]

I’m leaving with more questions than answers…Does that make sense?

A letter to prospective students: What do you expect from a professor that warns you of his class? I don’t mean to ASSume, but you probably imagine a heavy workload and meticulous grading. Well, not this time. It’s not that the class was impossible to manage; I would argue that the structure, once you got […]

Digitally Transformed

Definitely hard to believe the semester is over.  It feels like just yesterday I wrote my first blog ever!   I never could have imagined how impactful this class would be back in late August. From Gaining exposure to a multitude of new concepts & opinions, which was transformative in its own right, to   […]