Did I learn Anything in this Class?

From my first blog post, I could tell that I was absolutely shocked by the fact that I was potentially going to learn something in this class (probably should not have been as shocking obviously). Instead of having to memorize scenes on vases and finance equations for an exam, we were going to actually discuss […]

Varsity (e-Sports) Athletes

Back at the Naval Academy, I had a friend who was on the varsity offshore sailing team.  Technically he “lettered” every year, but he refused to call himself a “varsity athlete,” because he didn’t feel he had earned the title.  Of course, we always asked him to wear his “N-star” sweater (a right reserved for […]

How Twitter Made the NBA the Most Relatable League

Professional athletes love social media. They take to the different platforms to interact with each other, their fans, their haters, teammates and everything in between. Since my rekindled relationship with Twitter last summer I did notice however, that the Twitter for the Big Four sports leagues in the United States is vastly different. The MLB […]

Online Security: Keep What’s Yours, Yours.

So we’ve talked a lot about privacy and security online in this class and obviously it’s a huge topic in the news right now. What I’ve taken away from this discussion and discovery is that, whether or not the way tech companies are handling our data is wrong or bad or illegal and whether or […]

Hashtags – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em

Today, hashtags seem like any other basic part of communication on social media. They are extremely useful in searching and trending topics on Twitter, Instagram, and most recently Facebook. However, there was a time when this simple idea was revolutionary in so many ways. Not only did people begin using them in countless, enthusiastic ways, […]

Committing to Social Media Every day

Since my top character strength is self regulation, discipline is a the core of me hitting stride or faltering. Interestingly, psychology has found two traits that predict success in a broad range of spheres. Intelligence and self control. Intelligence has been hard to show improved lasting change but self control can be improved anywhere. For […]

Saving With The Help Of My Smartphone

In just a few short months, I’ll be making the shift from full-time student to working professional. While there will be many things I miss about the college experience and BC, I’m ready to get out of the classroom and start a new chapter of my life. As I prepare to make some big changes […]