Hefty Enlisted Moms to Sell Red Drinking Cups

Yes,  you read that title right. Hefty casted “cool moms who party hard” to sell their red Ultimate cups in under 50 seconds. These moms utilize the most cringeworthy slang that teens are notorious of using today including, but not limited to, “on fleek” and “#blessed”. Watch here: This campaign is arguably one of the most successful […]

How LinkedIn has Changed Business

LinkedIn is about 13 years old.  It was created in 2002 during the time of MySpace and and Friendster.  This was during the dot-com bubble when Internet sites were viewed as risky investments.  They really had to differentiate themselves at this time and it is amazing at how long it has lasted and how much success […]

How to Land or Lose a Job Through Social Media

Due to the prevalence of social media, companies and universities are starting to research potential candidates through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites. A costly picture or post found by a boss could hurt your chances at receiving a job or cause you to lose an existing job. Trying to identify inappropriate material by […]