Somewhat Warranted Opinions on #IS6621

For my first blog of the semester I wrote about the unwanted and unwarranted opinions I had received about taking a class called Social Media and Digital Business. Now that I have taken the class, I hope to share a few somewhat warranted opinions on the class and what I am taking away from #IS6621. […]

The Age of Consent

Most people hear the word consent and their mind jumps immediately to sex. That’s okay, we’re only human. Yet, over the past decade, the concept of consent has become the focal point of many high profile events that run the gambit of societal issues. This term, that seems so specific in its meaning, can be very […]

The Ultimate Viral Campaign – #IceBucketChallenge

After our class on managing virality a few weeks ago, I tried to think of the most viral video I had viewed in the past few years. Of course I had seen the JK wedding video, but my memory was drawing a blank when trying to recall others that had a similar widespread impact. And […]

Shut up and Take my Money

Venmo is life.