Travel the World and “Visit a City”

Recently, my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii. I started counting down the days until I would be sitting down on a beach next to crystal clear blue water. As my workload increased and the days went by, my laziness in planning fun activities to do during my vacation increased. When […]

Don’t fall victim to phishing scams

As more people share more information online the risks of falling victim to phishing schemes has become more and more dangerous especially as these tactics become more advanced. A phishing is defined as “the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a […]

How I was fined $500 for sipping water in the subway

I grew up moving to a different country every two years, but no experience stands out more drastically than my time living in Singapore. On my first week, I remember I was taking a subway from my house to the financial district downtown. Casually, I took a sip out of the bottle of water I […]

Dracula goes Digital: The Online Halloween Costume Industry

If you’re anything like me, you waited until about two days ago to order your halloween costume and are now just praying to the Amazon Prime gods that your package will arrive before the holiday is over. I do this routine of waiting until the absolute last minute to order my costume pretty much every […]

If you didn’t story it, did it even happen?

October 3rd is not just the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was; on October 3rd, 2013, Snapchat introduced Snapchat Stories, a feature that has taken over many of our lives. In my experience, Snap stories have made us a lot more transparent, they’ve created yet another way to creep on acquaintances we […]