#IS6621 As Told By Elf

I’ll admit it; As a CS/IS major, I came into this class nervous that exploring common technology topics, such as AI or the sharing economy, would be a review for me. Boy was I wrong. My grandpa, a previous Economics professor, always used to ask me if any of my classes allowed us to discuss […]

Travel the World and “Visit a City”

Recently, my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii. I started counting down the days until I would be sitting down on a beach next to crystal clear blue water. As my workload increased and the days went by, my laziness in planning fun activities to do during my vacation increased. When […]

Big Brother? More Like Big Bird

Growing up I was overly dramatic.  I have now matured ever so gracefully to be ~tastefully~ dramatic.  College has really leveled me and made me deal with situations in a MUCH more civil and cultivated way.  Situations where I used to throw tantrums,  I now just throw  a “whatever lol” or “It’s fine”. Nothing says […]

The Music Industry Is Screwed

Musician’s ability to make money off of streaming services is something that is widely reported about and speculated upon. While exact payouts per play for songs are not made available by streaming services, several artists have released their financial statements to show just how cripplingly little they are actually receiving from streaming services. Every few […]

Airline Roulette and the Value of Loyalty

The airline business is an intricate and multi-faceted industry, especially for unassuming flyers. In an earlier blog post, I wrote about the complexities of the wireless carrier industry and how those companies have adapted to rapid technological advances over recent years. Aviation fits the bill for this description too, with a healthy side of ins-and-outs designed […]