Somewhat Warranted Opinions on #IS6621

For my first blog of the semester I wrote about the unwanted and unwarranted opinions I had received about taking a class called Social Media and Digital Business. Now that I have taken the class, I hope to share a few somewhat warranted opinions on the class and what I am taking away from #IS6621. […]

Technology and the Global Goals

I had the privilege of working the annual International Corporate Citizenship Conference put on by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship at the beginning of April. Due to this class, I was interested to learn how these corporate citizenship professionals viewed the role of technology in achieving their goals of being better corporate citizens. […]

AI in Sports

The sports world is an industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. From gate revenues, merchandising, sponsorships, to media rights, the money is everywhere. With AI becoming more popular and common in today’s world, it isn’t surprising that it is being used to transform the sports world. There are countless types of […]

One Small Step for Man…

The reasons why real hoverboards and everything else you want don’t exist.

The Ultimate Viral Campaign – #IceBucketChallenge

After our class on managing virality a few weeks ago, I tried to think of the most viral video I had viewed in the past few years. Of course I had seen the JK wedding video, but my memory was drawing a blank when trying to recall others that had a similar widespread impact. And […]

UMBC: A Social Media Cinderella Story

In a time of the year defined by the improbable, this was a brand new level. March Madness taken to its absolute apex: the 16-seed (lowest seed in the tournament) had finally triumphed over the 1-seed. And not just any 1-seed, but the overall top seed in the whole bracket, the mighty University of Virginia […]

Fortnite From Afar

It’s been here and it’s been happening for sometime now. Everyday I find myself hearing screams coming from down the hall or even in the rooms above my dorm. My boyfriend does it and so does all of his friends. I find it absolutely crazy how emotional people get about it. I even see laptops […]