Creative Confidence & Parting Thoughts

I wanted to wait until after my presentation and our last class to post my reflection, and I’m very happy I did wait, because our conversations and the feeling I had leaving that presentation brought the clarity I was hoping to find when looking back on our class. For me, these were my major takeaways […]

Lots of Enjoyable Work, Plenty of Time to Complete It, and Great Conversations

As I was reading over my first blog post titled “Curious and Overwhelmed”, I realized that yes, I had a lot of good notions about Social Media and Digital Business but I also did not realize how much of a positive experience this class would be. I think my first notion that there were lots […]

Reality Vs. Perception

Looking back to my fist post regarding ISYS6621, entitled Perception vs. Reality, I had some pretty big concerns about the class going in. They can be summed up by the following: 1. Fear Over the Workload My first concern was that the class could have a huge workload associated with it. I have at various […]

Relax but Don’t get Comfortable

In my first post of the semester, I discussed how I felt about each aspect of the class: blogging, Twitter, and presentations. For my final post of the semester, I decided would end how I started. Here are my final thoughts on IS6621. Blogging “I have to be honest with you. At this moment, at midnight […]

*Nostalgia Bomb*

This is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a class called…#IS6621. Yep, we’re taking a trip down memory lane for this blog post and as child of the 90s […]

Somewhat Warranted Opinions on #IS6621

For my first blog of the semester I wrote about the unwanted and unwarranted opinions I had received about taking a class called Social Media and Digital Business. Now that I have taken the class, I hope to share a few somewhat warranted opinions on the class and what I am taking away from #IS6621. […]

The #IS6621 Starting 5

Since I am still on a high from the Boston Celtics’ Game 7 win last night, I realized that the perfect way to showcase my final thoughts on the semester would be to create the ultimate “Starting 5” for the topics that divulged into this semester. Putting together a Starting 5 that would be best […]