How One Family is Changing Basketball

I was raised in a very sports-centric family. My fondest memories are from TV viewings in our living room with my immediate family, friends, cousins, etc. It doesn’t matter what league or day of the week, our TV is always ready for the next big game. As a native Coloradoan, I have taken all of […]

How Amazon’s Retired-RV-Driver-Army Always Saves Christmas

Here a few facts: Humans leave things until the very last minute  (I’m looking at you, because you must likely had to splurge on One-Day Shipping last week because you decided to dress up as a Lifeguard on the almost last day possible.) Americans buy LOTS of presents during the Holiday season. We buy most […]

The Origin of My Obsession

I know that this may sound crazy, but it is true. My parents were expecting me to be a boy. Now hear me out… My parents were told that their first child was going to be a boy based on the way I was “sitting” in my mom’s womb. They were very excited for a […]

What Happens When the Ref Gets it Wrong?

Modern digital technology allows anyone with an internet connection and an opinion to weight in on decisions made by a sports official. Using an example from an NFL game this past weekend, this post examines the typical social media response to dubious calls.

The Smart Speaker Wars

To me, one of the most perplexing tech products growing with momentum is the smart speaker. Before experiencing the product, my initial thoughts were “who would ever want to spend money on one of these things?”. I could not understand why someone would spend over $100 for a product that just does whatever your phone […]