#IS6621 Won’t Disappear #D Won’t Stop

At the beginning, I took the course because I was attracted by the name “social media and digital”. There is no doubt that the words like social media, digital, information technology are very hot nowadays and I haven’t thought so much about what the course would teach me. Maybe it was because I did not know a lot about […]

What Being on Crutches for 5 Weeks Taught Me About Tech

Yes, I know, I’m going to pull the injury card this week. But honestly, five weeks is a heck of a lot of time to be without two working feet and you’d be surprised by how much free time you suddenly have when you become immobile. So here’s the lowdown on what the #crutchlife has […]

What Happens When the Ref Gets it Wrong?

Modern digital technology allows anyone with an internet connection and an opinion to weight in on decisions made by a sports official. Using an example from an NFL game this past weekend, this post examines the typical social media response to dubious calls.

Examining Wikipedia

A website that has always fascinated—from a contributors and content prospective to a revenue prospective is Wikipedia. A wiki, a website that allows collaborative content of its content and its structure by its users, first was started in the 1990’s. What made wiki’s unique was in part the way the website was written—if regular users […]