14 Things I Learned from #IS6621

I seriously can’t believe I’m writing my final blog post for #IS6621. It seemed like reaching this day would take an eternity at the beginning of the semester! In my final reflection and to bid adieu to our 14 weeks together in Social Media and Digital Business, I present to you, 14 Things I Learned […]

#IS6621 As Told By Elf

I’ll admit it; As a CS/IS major, I came into this class nervous that exploring common technology topics, such as AI or the sharing economy, would be a review for me. Boy was I wrong. My grandpa, a previous Economics professor, always used to ask me if any of my classes allowed us to discuss […]

Tweets and Blogs and Surveys, Oh My!

Three months ago, I walked into Digital Business and Social Media not knowing what to expect. ¬†While I was excited to be taking my first marketing course at BC, the expectations of this class were a bit frightening. As Professor Kane could see, my face on the very first day of class looked similar to […]