Service Done For Social Media

As BC students, service immersion programs are no stranger to our education. In fact, they often times coincide with our education, if not formally conducted in a classroom setting they do manage to provide learning experiences that coincide with our Jesuit values… you know, “men and women for others.” If BC hasn’t so gently pushed […]

Saving With The Help Of My Smartphone

In just a few short months, I’ll be making the shift from full-time student to working professional. While there will be many things I miss about the college experience and BC, I’m ready to get out of the classroom and start a new chapter of my life. As I prepare to make some big changes […]

ZenoBot – AI in the Classroom

With all the talk about AI in this class over the course of the semester, it would seem like we would eventually run out of topics to blog about. Boy was I wrong. After reading an article about how companies are looking to use AI to improve the education system, I started to search on […]

Party for a Purpose

In case you don’t have a running countdown, there are 21 days until Marathon Monday. Fitting (and coincidental) that I should choose today to write about it while sitting in my room at #Mile21! In any case, last night I was talking to a friend who’s training for the Boston Marathon about his decision to […]

Too Smart For Comfort?

It’s tough to state that the glory days of traditional watches are now in the rear-view mirror, but that’s exactly it. Wearable technology is now a thing. And while we cannot discredit the amount of success and innovation that legacy brands like Rolex, TAG Heuer and others have provided, these manufacturers are nervously waiting for […]

Speedy Travel

In 2016, an average of 10.4 million people flowed through worldwide airports every day. Out of that number, I wonder how many miss their flights because they didn’t make it through security in time. Perhaps not a majority but to the few that it does happen, the feeling is not pleasant. Personally, I can remember […]

An Ode to Georgia Sports (& their Social Media)

Being from outside Atlanta, I am a die-hard Georgia sports fan. Yes, the Super Bowl last year, playoffs this year, and the National Championship against Alabama were horrible. No, I do not need or want your condolences. While I am still not fully recovered from the National Championship loss, as I was reflecting back on […]