Taking an Online Class at BC

This semester, BC offered Analytics and Business Intelligence as an online course. There are not many courses offered like this at BC because they are still experimenting to see how successful the online format is. The only other time I have taken an online class was back in high school. I came to the US […]

How Technology and Trust Change the Car Rental Industry

From last week: In watching the video below, which was one of our reading assignment last week. The speaker Rachel Botsman discussed several great businesses and platforms that based on trust and technology. This makes me keep thinking about an instant car rental platform called Getaround. This company’s business model is also based on people’s […]

How Tech Fights Color Blindness

  **Still having hyperlink issues so apologies for any URLs** I hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Boston Marathon, especially the seniors. It is by far the best day of the year regardless of the weather that is part of why Boston College is so special.   I was having a tough time deciding what my […]

Ultra Successful

**Just a heads up, I wrote this while the music festival took place this weekend and that is why it focuses partially on 2017. Also, my hyperlinks were not working so all of my sources are at the end of the blog.** This weekend, Ultra Music Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary in Miami, Florida. Ultra […]

Netflix is Busy Conquering the World

I’ll admit that Netflix has been talked to death in business school. It’s got to be up there with Southwest and Apple as one of the most tired subjects to talk about. But this will not be about their business model transition from mail dvds to streaming; this post is all about their moves in […]

March Madness – Coca Cola

It’s about that time again. March Madness is back. Selection Sunday was last night and the field of 64 is set. Games begin Thursday, and it is time to start churning out brackets. You believe that this is the year that you will finally have a perfect bracket? Probably not but at least you can […]