To Blog or to Vlog?

That is the question.

New Era of Food: Will you eat these?

During the past semester, we covered many topics that go beyond the course’s title Social Media & Digital Business. We learned about concepts ranging from legality in social media to blockchain and spent a chunk of time talking about how tech will shape our living in the near future (especially about autonomous vehicles). What interests me the most […]

Humans don’t get better, technology does

I promise this blog post won’t be entirely about golf this week. But, I will begin on that topic…sorry. I tweeted out last week about how Augusta National bought more land in 2017 to make the course longer.  This made me think about how technology has not only changed the business of golf, but also […]

Secrets behind a post from Social Media Influencers…

Have you heard of a dish called “Melted Cheese”? It is originated from Switzerland, basically it is just cheese pouring down to an ordinary dish. (As a guy from Asia, I apologize that I don’t have deep understanding of cheese culture haha) I wouldn’t say it is so special, but very cheesy indeed. People go […]

Technology in Tokyo

I, as it seems most of the world was, was struck by the use of technology in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. It got me thinking about the use of cutting-edge technology in the Olympics and its ability to predict future uses and trends of technology. The Olympics have a history of innovation. Nations often introduce […]

Ultra Successful

**Just a heads up, I wrote this while the music festival took place this weekend and that is why it focuses partially on 2017. Also, my hyperlinks were not working so all of my sources are at the end of the blog.** This weekend, Ultra Music Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary in Miami, Florida. Ultra […]

A Tradition Unlike Any Other.

The Masters. There are definitely people out there who don’t consider themselves “sports people”. However, I truly believe that ninety-five percent of the US population knows what The Masters is. It truly is a tradition unlike any other. It’s the one weekend a year where people don’t move from their couches because their eyes are […]