The End to a Wonderful Journey

On the first day of class, I sat in my seat overwhelmed by the number of tasks we had to do for this course. Few months later, I am sitting here questioning myself and trying to remember how fast these past few months flew by. Throughout these couple of weeks I had learnt so much. […]

Social Media in Satire and What It Has Taught Me

To expand a bit off of my presentation last week, I thought I would give the class an expanded view of the world of The New England Classic in the form of a blog post.  Ironically, our behemoth of a social media force that we know as our satirical newspaper started as just that, a […]

This Post is © Jonah Goldshlag

Alternative title: Copyright Law and Social Media Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about intellectual property law (except for our JD/MBA types, that is), but it does come up occasionally in our discussions. Aside from our law discussion with Professor Chang, during our discussion of the JK Wedding Entrance Dance in October I […]

Chipotle and its Social Engaging of Customers

Have you ever perused through your Facebook of Twitter feeds and caught a post from a brand you follow, and think: “I wonder who wrote that?” Or have you ever found yourself following a news article right to Twitter handle of a company to view how it is engaging with its users? A week ago, I […]

Say Goodbye To Your Friend the PSL and Say Hello to Red Cup

So as most of you already know, a few weeks ago I presented on Starbucks and their social media presence.  Part of my presentation was all about the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) and how its hype during fall season was of major benefit to the Starbucks brand.  With the end of Halloween and the beginning […]

Essena “I Quit Social Media” O’Neill

Would you quit social media cold turkey? This past week, 18-year-old, Australian, Essena O’Neill did just that. Over the past 4 years, Essena (Eh-seen-ah) O’Neill developed a huge follower base “with 570,00+ followers on Instagram, 250,000+ subscribes on YouTube, 250,000+ on Tumblr and 60,000+ average views on Snapchat.” She’s been asked to market products over her […]

From Digital Audit to Digital Strategy: Quick Guide to Assessing a Brand’s Performance (Part III)

On Part II of this series, I discussed how companies can conduct a quick, yet thorough SEO audit of their brand(s) to understand whether their website has the content, structure and standing to attract desired target audience. This post will focus on the third lever to generate strong consumer engagement – brand communities. Specifically, on how […]