Mental Health and Walking the Line Between Helping vs. Hurting

Though in the past, mental health has been swept under the carpet as a taboo topic, the issue has emerged as a focal point of conversation over the past decade.  Universities and public health entities have begun working on destigmatizing mental health issues and normalizing these discussions.  Clubs like To Write Love on Her Arms […]

Breaking Into the Boys Club

Over the course of this semester, I have been struck by how incredible innovation and technology are, and have envisioned how impactful the digitization of so many industries can be to the efficiency of our society. It’s so easy for me to get on board with disruptive tech, to see all the benefits that innovation […]

How Amazon’s Retired-RV-Driver-Army Always Saves Christmas

Here a few facts: Humans leave things until the very last minute  (I’m looking at you, because you must likely had to splurge on One-Day Shipping last week because you decided to dress up as a Lifeguard on the almost last day possible.) Americans buy LOTS of presents during the Holiday season. We buy most […]

The Future of News – theSkimm and The Morning Brew

The way in which people are finding out news and current events is rapidly transforming as new technology and companies emerge. People used to strictly rely on the news and newspaper for updates on current events and basic news, but now a lot of people do not own TVs nor do they have newspaper subscriptions. […]

Instagram’s (and Spotify’s) Biggest Mystery

A few weeks back, I received a text in a group chat from a friend from home. It was a screenshot of an Instagram account, specifically a screenshot of a girl in a bikini somewhat close to the camera, with a quaint sunset and calm waters behind. I paid no mind at first, thinking that […]

Move Over, Farmville: The Future of AgTech

During the Vietnam War, US Marines were trained to locate underground enemy tunnels through an ancient method called dowsing, or divining — a highly debated practice in which people use Y- or L-shaped rods (called “divining rods” or “witching rods”) to locate underground water, minerals, or other subterranean objects. The practice dates back to the […]