#IS6621 – The ABC’s of Social Media & Digital Business

Let’s take a step back to the first day of class, when we all heard Professor Kane’s speech about how this class is a lot of work, it’s not an easy A, you need to tweet, and blog, and comment, and present, and okay you get it. I think a lot of people were like: […]

Turns Out, I Still Know Nothing…

Looking back at my original blog post, titled Turns Out, I Know Nothing… I wrote that, “From the first two classes, it’s clear to me that this class isn’t going to be a walk in the park. It’s going to take a lot of effort to be able to handle and control the workload for this […]

Dollar Shave Club: When Being Good Enough Pays Off

“I’m Mike, founder of What is Well, for a dollar a month we send high quality razors right to your door. Yeah! A dollar! Are the blades any good? No, our blades are f**king great.” With these words, a billion dollar company was launched. Based on the premise that razor’s are overpriced and […]