Great while it Lasted

It has been a bittersweet ride this semester. As happy as I am about classes finally being almost over, I can’t help but to feel sad that this is the last time I am going to feel this way about classes being over. I have learned so much throughout my four years here at Boston […]

Fashion’s Rise of See-Now-Buy-Now

If you were following the fashion world in Spring 2016, chances are you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing the whisperings about “See-Now-Buy-Now.” Well, they weren’t as much whisperings as they were shouts about how Rebecca Minkoff had ditched the traditional fashion calendar. As opposed to a regular fall collection (usually shown 6 months in advance), […]

A Tradition Unlike Any Other.

The Masters. There are definitely people out there who don’t consider themselves “sports people”. However, I truly believe that ninety-five percent of the US population knows what The Masters is. It truly is a tradition unlike any other. It’s the one weekend a year where people don’t move from their couches because their eyes are […]

Janie’s Got a (Smart)Gun

We use smart phones. We wear smart watches. We living in smart homes. Any and every aspect of our lives touches technology and turns to gold. What’s next, you might ask? Given our current national crisis, some would argue…guns. Aerosmith aside, I understand that there are significant cultural understandings, even within the same country, about […]