The End…

Like most of you, I was a bit hesitant about the structure and deliverables of this class after day one. Coming from an engineering background, and now a finance concentration in my MBA, I am used to numbers, problem sets, and modeling. Creating content and sharing feelings? Not so much. I probably could have found […]

Pandora, you still there?

Spotify just went public, Apple Music just surpassed 40 million paid users, and Pandora is… well… what exactly is Pandora up to these days? Turns out Pandora is actually taking some steps to bring itself back from the brink of extinction. Question is, will they be enough? The past few years haven’t been easy for […]


Seeing as my last blog post was about the new innovations and company partnerships that Uber recently announced with JUMP Bikes it only seems fitting to discuss the latest update that this tech giant has to offer. As a heavy Uber user myself I have spent a large amount of time in strangers cars […]

Lucidchart: A magic tool for wire framing &diagramming

Currently, we have access to numerous applications and programs for our studies or works. To name a few, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint are the main ones that we are familiar with. Without a doubt, these applications are incredible tools that we use to perform countless tasks ranging from writing an essay to […]


I haven’t talked about CrossFit in over 6 weeks and am starting to twitch, so in this week’s post I will be discussing ROMWOD, a digital product whose main target customer is CrossFitters. ROM What?? ROMWOD stands for Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day. ROMWOD was created in 2014 and is a form of […]

Digital Business and E-Books Dilemna

As someone who likes to read in my spare time I’ve always been tempted to look into buying a Kindle or Nook. However, every time I go to look into them I find myself drawn back to the comfort of printed books. Don’t get me wrong, I totally see the benefit of Ebooks. The ability […]

Dr. Albert Isaac (AI) Will See You Now

Imagine a world where human error was been virtually eradicated from hospitals. The process of patient diagnosis and treatment is completely automated, with a certified doctor being the final gatekeeper to sign off on the recommendations wholly generated by a machine. This is the world envisioned by DeepMind, the AI division of Google that is […]