Varsity (e-Sports) Athletes

Back at the Naval Academy, I had a friend who was on the varsity offshore sailing team.  Technically he “lettered” every year, but he refused to call himself a “varsity athlete,” because he didn’t feel he had earned the title.  Of course, we always asked him to wear his “N-star” sweater (a right reserved for […]


I’ll admit it. I’m slightly addicted to Fortnite. The game itself is great and ever-changing, keeping me hooked. Both @tarakane36 and @oliverhowe14 have covered this topic and done an excellent summary/analysis of the game and it’s rise to popularity.   Since I myself cannot do a better job describing the game, I’d like to call our attention […]


Seeing as my last blog post was about the new innovations and company partnerships that Uber recently announced with JUMP Bikes it only seems fitting to discuss the latest update that this tech giant has to offer. As a heavy Uber user myself I have spent a large amount of time in strangers cars […]

AR eSports *on Demand*

Imagine being able to view a gaming arena through your own smartphone, literally using the device as a window into a computerized world where players battle for supremacy. How amazing does that sound? That hypothetical is actually a reality, and it’s one that I’ve experienced just today! Although the first-person shooter, Guns of Boom, isn’t new, […]

Janie’s Got a (Smart)Gun

We use smart phones. We wear smart watches. We living in smart homes. Any and every aspect of our lives touches technology and turns to gold. What’s next, you might ask? Given our current national crisis, some would argue…guns. Aerosmith aside, I understand that there are significant cultural understandings, even within the same country, about […]