The #IS6621 Starting 5

Since I am still on a high from the Boston Celtics’ Game 7 win last night, I realized that the perfect way to showcase my final thoughts on the semester would be to create the ultimate “Starting 5” for the topics that divulged into this semester. Putting together a Starting 5 that would be best […]

The world of our future is imagined through the dreams of our past.

The conversations we have about our technological trajectory into the 22nd century always bring me visions. Topics like artificially intelligent robot companions, flying cars, spaceships, and eccentric billionaires building colonies on Mars must lead to daydreaming for some of you as it does me. It makes me think, where did we even come up with these […]

Just keep tracking, tracking, tracking

One of the things that technology has been enabling us to do lately is to track all sorts of things. The way technology has evolved and the emergence of smartphones has made us become impatient people who always want to be aware of what is happening around us. We can now track packages, friends, news, […]

Party for a Purpose

In case you don’t have a running countdown, there are 21 days until Marathon Monday. Fitting (and coincidental) that I should choose today to write about it while sitting in my room at #Mile21! In any case, last night I was talking to a friend who’s training for the Boston Marathon about his decision to […]

VIVA LA…shit, did we do this one already?

Well, I messed up. What do you mean Grace? Well, glad you asked voice in my head. I thought I would try and save a blog topic I wanted to write about until later in the semester. Which was of course, a very huge mistake, since the topic was about a company that has essentially […]

UMBC: A Social Media Cinderella Story

In a time of the year defined by the improbable, this was a brand new level. March Madness taken to its absolute apex: the 16-seed (lowest seed in the tournament) had finally triumphed over the 1-seed. And not just any 1-seed, but the overall top seed in the whole bracket, the mighty University of Virginia […]

(Tw)Itching to Get Back to Fortnite

As I’m sure almost all of you, if not all of you have heard, there is a game called Fortnite Battle Royale that came out last summer and is taking over the world right now. The general premise of the game is a Hunger Games-style battle: a 100-person free-for-all, where each player gets dropped into […]