Lethal AI robots could have come true sooner than we thought

*Note: This is not my final reflection blog post; but you can still read & comment! AI was one of the biggest topics we discussed in class, and there has been a constant debate between the pros and cons of AI in the future. Inventions ranging from autonomous vehicles to facial recognition will be possible […]

How Twitter Made the NBA the Most Relatable League

Professional athletes love social media. They take to the different platforms to interact with each other, their fans, their haters, teammates and everything in between. Since my rekindled relationship with Twitter last summer I did notice however, that the Twitter for the Big Four sports leagues in the United States is vastly different. The MLB […]

Big Tech: Too Big, Too Powerful?

As we were all following the Mark Zuckerberg congressional spectacle hearing last week, @raycaglianone tweeted out a question that led to an interesting classroom discussion: is Facebook a monopoly? I think the general consensus was no in terms of a social platform for its users and a more complicated answer in terms of an advertising platform. […]

Internet Mob Mentality: A Response to Ronson and the Dangers of Social Media

“The World’s Biggest Small Town” is how Megan McArdle describes the internet ecosystem we live in today. I wanted to write about Internet Mob Mentality and the dangers of social media after watching Jon Ronson’s Ted Talk, “When online shaming goes too far” video for class. The hostility exhibited towards Justine Sacco, whether deserved or […]

Streetwear’s Ode to Social Media

Chances are you’ve probably heard the term “hypebeast” tossed around in the last few years. If you haven’t, you’ve at least heard about Kanye West’s Yeezy collaboration with Adidas, resulting in the YEEZY Boost sneakers which have taken social media by storm. What do these two have in common? Both hypebeasts and YEEZY apparel are core […]