Reality Vs. Perception

Looking back to my fist post regarding ISYS6621, entitled Perception vs. Reality, I had some pretty big concerns about the class going in. They can be summed up by the following: 1. Fear Over the Workload My first concern was that the class could have a huge workload associated with it. I have at various […]

Russia’s war on social media

When talking about Russia, words like “democracy” and “freedom of speech” are not the first to come to mind. Censorship and control of media like newspapers and television has always provided the government opportunities to influence the information citizens consume and thus their points of view. However, rise of the Internet and social media presented […]

The world of our future is imagined through the dreams of our past.

The conversations we have about our technological trajectory into the 22nd century always bring me visions. Topics like artificially intelligent robot companions, flying cars, spaceships, and eccentric billionaires building colonies on Mars must lead to daydreaming for some of you as it does me. It makes me think, where did we even come up with these […]

The Condom Challenge: Social Media Causes People do to Dumb Things

So I was looking around trying to figure out what I wanted to blog about today and I saw this headline: “The Viral condom-snorting challenge is a dangerous idea – here’s why you should never put a condom up your nose”. Naturally, this headline leads to two thoughts. 1) how come I’ve never heard of […]

Too Smart For Comfort?

It’s tough to state that the glory days of traditional watches are now in the rear-view mirror, but that’s exactly it. Wearable technology is now a thing. And while we cannot discredit the amount of success and innovation that legacy brands like Rolex, TAG Heuer and others have provided, these manufacturers are nervously waiting for […]