Lesson of the Semester : Social Media is Not Evil

My understanding and knowledge of social media has been completely uprooted since I started this course. At the start of this course, I looked at social media as a tool for people to keep up and network with their friends and other trends in current society. I looked at social media purely as a place […]

C U L8ER!! #IS6621

Wow, I cannot believe I am writing my last ISYS6621 blog post.  It seems like just 4 months ago I was writing about why I took “Social Media and Digital Business”.  As I sit here in my room typing my final sentiments, I cannot help think of the song Closing Time by, musical genius, Semisonic.  So […]

Social Media & E-Commerce

As consumers, we universally know that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are ubiquitous in our life as a form of entertainment, a method of communication or an opportunity to grow professionally. During these moments on social media, we’ve also been the victim of sponsored posts, video and retargeting ads in some way shape or form. […]

You Should Join A Fantasy Sports League

Analytics has been a huge buzzword as of late and the sports industry has been making great use of the data and statistics. The NBA season kicked off last week, which means that many fantasy drafts also occurred across the world. Whether it was a 10-man, 12-man or 14-man league, most team managers already had […]