Lets Talk About It

Chatbots. We’ve all heard about them and most likely interacted with some in the past. Seems like nothing new then right? But actually, there’s plenty of new news. Because once everyone starts using something, companies have to find a way to make their use of it stand out. Businesses push each other to constantly improve […]

Just keep tracking, tracking, tracking

One of the things that technology has been enabling us to do lately is to track all sorts of things. The way technology has evolved and the emergence of smartphones has made us become impatient people who always want to be aware of what is happening around us. We can now track packages, friends, news, […]

RIP Facebook

Maybe Facebook is going down, but I hope not because then I’m losing money.

Smart Suitcase

Technology is transforming travel like any other industry. Airbnb, Wi-Fi on board, GPS and various review websites are making traveling simpler and more accessible. Another of the technological advancements that is transforming travel for the better is smart luggage. There are numerous features of a smart suitcase that are already common and make traveling more […]


What if I told you that private hackers could gain access to all your personal information and data just by running a single program on your laptop, phone, or tablet? Pictures, credit cards, passwords, insurance information, and countless other sensitive pieces of data can be accessed through your device and you would never know. Are […]