#MI021 -> #IS6621

College is finally coming full circle. Professor Kane was my teacher for the second half of the very first course I would sit down for at BC, MI026: Computers in Management. Miraculously survived the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse trending across social media at the time, and make it through to senior year. My experience in IS6621 with @profkane […]

Kobe Bryant’s Retirement

Just a couple days go, one of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen, Kobe Bryant, announced he will retire after this season. After 20 years, 17-All Star appearances, 5 NBA championships, and nearly 56,000 minutes of playing time, the all-time great decided it would be time to move onto the next chapter of […]

Taking care of Coco

So I recently bought a 2 month old hedgehog. Her name is Coconut but everyone just calls her Coco. She is the cutest little ball of fur and quills out there and everyone of my friends fights me over when they get to play with her. The problem with Coco, other than being a huge […]

Using Social Gaming to Protect Endangered Species – Wait, What?

No, no, you read that quite right. This is something that I recently came across as a featured report on the BBC Global News podcast. Hardshell Labs Inc. is a start-up company based in California that has really put one and one together. They figured out that while many people care about the protection of […]