An Undergrad Amidst the Sea of Grad Students

Surprise! For those of you who didn’t know – I am an undergraduate. Although mostly everyone knows at this point, so for those who did know i am an undergrad, surprise – I am STILL an undergraduate!! *Cue gasp* Haven’t failed out ………….yet. I recall one presenter making a joke that poked fun at undergrad […]

The Digital Gig Economy

A common theme in this class has been how digital transformation often leads to the displacement of workers. Innovation upsets entire industries and introduces chaos into the labor markets. But digital transformation also creates job opportunities as well as entire industries.  In recent years, there has been more publicity to the so called “gig economy”. […]

Can digital transformation save dying Main St. America?

We talk a lot in this class about big companies (we know, we know, FAANG are cool), but what about the little guys? When people think of quintessential America, they picture walking up a tree-lined Main Street, peeking into the little independently owned shops, and seeing good hard-working folks making an honest living. These businesses […]