sillhill77 signing off

As I’ve gone through the semester I have realized how dependent not only my life, but much of the world, is on social media and technology. Whether it’s for news updates (so current they may not even be true…Las Vegas) or contacting loved ones in a moment of tragedy as we saw with the hurricanes, social media […]

Why I was forced to binge watch movies

Early in the semester, I discussed how two years in the army without access to the internet made me a social media amateur. I was hopelessly lost when it came to figuring out the new features on each platform, and very confused as to why Vine had suddenly gone under—it was such a hot app […]

Airbnb and the Millennial

The millennial shopping patterns are becoming increasingly important for companies to understand and capitalize on as millennials become more and more dominant consumers. According to an Airbnb citizen article, “Millennials are the largest generation in history, and by 2025, millennials and younger generations will account for 75% of all consumers and travelers.” This projected proportion […]