Tweets and Blogs and Surveys, Oh My!

Three months ago, I walked into Digital Business and Social Media not knowing what to expect.  While I was excited to be taking my first marketing course at BC, the expectations of this class were a bit frightening. As Professor Kane could see, my face on the very first day of class looked similar to […]

A Christmas Narrative: Final #IS6621 Thoughts

Happy December! It’s officially #Christmas season, which means Michael Bublé officially comes out of hiding for the season and blesses us all with his beautiful voice. In light of the Holiday season, I thought it would be fun to summarize common themes that I learned throughout the semester and some final concluding thoughts on #IS6621 […]

Your Kardashian Questions: Answered in Full

I hope everyone enjoyed my presentation last week on the Kardashians and their use of social media & digital business! I really loved all of the questions I received and am going to use my blog post this week to better answer some of the questions I got. How much of a role does Kris […]

Amazon vs. Walmart – Whose side are you on?

Amazon and Walmart are the two biggest retail giants. They are both competing to be the “go to” retail location for all Americans. They both represent opposite sides of the popular debate on where the retail market is going – whether or not brick-and-mortar stores will survive or if they will be completely replaced by […]

The Story of Selfies

This week in class we talked about the rise in selfies and “safe selfie spaces” such as the Ice Cream Museum mentioned in @kaitlinardiff‘s blog post. I decided to dig a little deeper into selfies and how these life threatening pictures began. But first let me take a selfie Portraits have been around for generations. […]

How Selfies Led to a Museum About Ice Cream

Disclaimer: The Museum of Ice Cream is not a museum. It’s more like an indoor playground on confectionary-themed steroids. Instead of sculptures, it houses a swimming pool of sprinkles. Instead of walls covered in famous Renaissance paintings, the bubblegum-colored walls illuminate various shades of bright pink. Other notable decor include a rock-candy cave, a unicorn, and […]