#IS6621 x Reflection and Appreciation

As I reflect upon my views of Social Media prior to IS6621, I was incredibly narrow-minded and unaware. I knew that businesses utilized social media to spread their brands name, but my knowledge didn’t expand much further. My first blog post concentrated on the negative effects of these online platforms, and the sense of addiction […]

Highs and Lows of Second Semester Senior Year: #IS6621 X-dition

They say that all good things must come to an end, and on this Friday there are certainly a lot of good things coming to an end: the end of the 2015 spring semester of classes (including ISYS6621), the end of my fourth year at Boston College, and the end of my entire undergraduate career. […]

Are you Social Watching the NFL Free Agency?

The American Press institute reports that “Social media is becoming an important tool for people across all generations to discover news.”  I know personally, when something is going on that I’m trying to get more information on, I turn to twitter.  My first year on staff, we had a coaching change.  Twitter beat the athletics […]

Why Do Businesses Hold Social Media Contests?

Let’s face it… Most businesses and companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon at this point. If you have social media accounts for your customers and advocates, they have instantaneous access to your content and a constant reminder every time your brand appears on your newsfeed. Not only do the contestants have a constant […]

Net Neutrality: A Big Day

Today in a 3-2 vote the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved “net neutrality”. This means that no one has control over a free and open internet. Before service providers like Comcast, handled different internet activities in different ways and at different costs. Now internet service providers will be regulated on how they handle the data […]

A Revolutionary New App: IFTTT

Recently, I read a Quartz article entitled “Here’s how to stop looking at your phone every five seconds” written by Golden Krishna. I was intrigued to say the least. Our phones are a wonderful source of news and a useful connecting tool, but they are also distracting. The average person checks their phone up to […]