Somewhat Warranted Opinions on #IS6621

For my first blog of the semester I wrote about the unwanted and unwarranted opinions I had received about taking a class called Social Media and Digital Business. Now that I have taken the class, I hope to share a few somewhat warranted opinions on the class and what I am taking away from #IS6621. […]

How Tech Fights Color Blindness

  **Still having hyperlink issues so apologies for any URLs** I hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Boston Marathon, especially the seniors. It is by far the best day of the year regardless of the weather that is part of why Boston College is so special.   I was having a tough time deciding what my […]


I’ll admit it. I’m slightly addicted to Fortnite. The game itself is great and ever-changing, keeping me hooked. Both @tarakane36 and @oliverhowe14 have covered this topic and done an excellent summary/analysis of the game and it’s rise to popularity.   Since I myself cannot do a better job describing the game, I’d like to call our attention […]