Social Media & How Little I Really Know

If you asked me before the class began how much I thought I knew about social media, I probably would have answered “a lot” without even so much as a second thought. It feels like social media has been a part of my life from the time I began using the Internet frequently. Now, having […]

Final Reflection – Social Media in the Palm of My Hand

Final Reflection on Social Media It is unbelievable that the end of the semester is here. As I sit here and write this final blog reflection all I can honestly think about is my future and what is to come next. Personally, I have had one exhausting and rigorous semester … but no worries, you […]

Final Thoughts & Lessons of Social Media for Managers

When I first signed up for Social Media for Managers, I had no idea what to expect from the class. I thought it sounded like an interesting topic to take as an elective, so I went with it. When we started class on the first day and learned that the class would consist of Tweeting […]

Social Media Increasing Pet Adoption Rates

In the recent years, social media has drastically helped increased pet adoption rates. Most humane societies, pet food companies, and shelters have learned to use social media to effectively reach potential new pet owners for homeless animals. Let’s take a look at how organizations have been doing this. By linking potential pet owners and these […]

Staying Clear of Social Media Embarrassment

Recently, I stumbled upon a Business Insider article entitled “11 of the worst social media blunders ever”. Given our class material, I had to read it to see who made the list. Justine was included with her notable tweet about going to South Africa and “avoiding” Aids. One of the more recent examples in the article came from […]

GoPro or Go Home

By now, everyone has heard of and knows what a GoPro is. GoPro is the “world’s most versatile camera” but it has become so much more than just a camera manufacturer. GoPro’s IPO last year, valuing the company at just under $3 billion, was the biggest consumer electronics IPO in over 20 years. As social […]

This is a Drill: Social Media Crisis Simulations

Throughout the semester, we have looked at many different social media blunders from accidental posts to inappropriate or insensitive campaigns. Most of our discussions related to these rogue posts have been centered on how to limit the damage after the message has been sent. Through these discussions, it has become very apparent that these mistakes […]