Although we give social media a lot of credit, it is more powerful in the traditional sense of the word. We are playing with a tool that has weapons-grade potential

It’s true. It’s’ me. I call during dinner, and you probably screen that call. Well, to be fair, our student call center are the ones calling, but it all comes out of the office I work in: Boston College University Advancement. I’ve shared some details with the class before, but this always feels like the […]

I could write about my marketing funnel going out on Wednesday. The ad spend that I hope is worth it, the videos I made to go along with the soap opera email sequence, or even the freebies I created for my target audience. I would rather tell you about the test you can take that […]

In 2016, an average of 10.4 million people flowed through worldwide airports every day. Out of that number, I wonder how many miss their flights because they didn’t make it through security in time. Perhaps not a majority but to the few that it does happen, the feeling is not pleasant. Personally, I can remember […]

I’ll admit that Netflix has been talked to death in business school. It’s got to be up there with Southwest and Apple as one of the most tired subjects to talk about. But this will not be about their business model transition from mail dvds to streaming; this post is all about their moves in […]

It’s about that time again. March Madness is back. Selection Sunday was last night and the field of 64 is set. Games begin Thursday, and it is time to start churning out brackets. You believe that this is the year that you will finally have a perfect bracket? Probably not but at least you can […]

Nowadays we can buy online millions of different things – clothes, equipment, food etc. It even took me some time to remember which items you absolutely have to buy at a physical store. We like the convenience, flexibility and availability of options that come with online shopping. Most of the time we do not value […]