Several years ago, I interviewed for an entry level position at a large insurance company in Boston.  I hadn’t ever thought about working in insurance, but it was my first interview in Boston and I was excited about the prospect of landing my first professional job out of college.  After a couple of rounds of […]

610 million members.  200 countries.  One website.  No, I’m not talking about Facebook. You may be surprised to know that this is LinkedIn.  That’s right, LinkedIn.  That website that always sends you jobs that are a “good fit,” and seems more about finding people you went to college with than anything else. A recurring theme […]

Part 1 – Technology: The Addiction I was raised on a farm in the Irish countryside, where spending time outdoors wasn’t so much of an after-school privilege as it was an expectation. My parents had the mindset that if we had time to be sitting in front of the TV then we had time to […]

After I graduated College in 2010, I packed my bags and set sail to New York City. It was the moment I had dreamed of since I was a little girl. I knew that New York City’s hustle, bustle, and intensity would work in my favor. As the years picked up, I found myself moving […]

This past week, I presented on seniors and technology. Hopefully you found my topic interesting enough to want to hear more of the story, because this blog post is going to delve into the rest of my research on the senior technology market. As I mentioned in my presentation, I decided I wanted to explore […]

In the wake of the Facebook, privacy scares, there has been a new trending hashtag that has not gotten the exposure it deserves, #DeleteFacebook. Earlier this year, new data suggested that 44% of Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 29 deleted the Facebook app from their phone, additionally, they have either taken a […]

For most in IS6621, social media is the focus of business and consumer analysis and the ability to leverage its use to create a unique story for our brands.  Social media has great potential within all of our business aspirations. Brand creation and recognition can be driven from an Iphone. For others, social media is […]