You’re probably wondering about that title. There’s no typo or weird autocorrect there—I really am about to talk about Aristotle here. So what does Aristotle even have to do with tech, anyways? Truthfully, Aristotle has absolutely nothing to do with tech. He lived in a time before artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics, ones and zeros, […]

When I entered Boston College almost 4 years ago, I really did not envision the day that I would be known for a presentation I gave in my Social Media and Digital Business class on a stock photograph of an egg and the Kardashians.  Yet there I was taking 5 minutes of your lives discussing […]

Disclaimer: I just want everyone to know that this post was much easier to write than my first one at the start of the semester.  I don’t think I’ve ever put in so much effort to get into a class in all of my years of going to school, especially one that I wasn’t even […]

My initial blog post was titled “Let’s get uncomfortable”. The point of the post was that while I was a very technology-centric individual, I was also incredibly private with regards to my social media presence. I used every privacy control and tool at my disposal to protect myself from the big bad internet and the […]

This past semester has been a whirlwind to say the least. Between work, classes and trying to figure out what my life is going to look like post-grad (yikes), I feel like the past few months have absolutely flown by. I wouldn’t say I had an easy workload by any means. Due to how my […]

Despite its flaws, one of the beauties of social media is its ability to foster community in times of need. There have been countless instances over the past few years: natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and national tragedies such as the Parkland shooting that have sparked millions of dollars worth of charitable donations and […]

Four months ago, I made my way to BC after work as I have done twice a week for the last three years, navigated my way to Stokes Hall (a foreign place for someone who has only had classes in Fulton), sat down in an unconventional classroom, and prepared to learn about social media, emerging […]