Next to technological hotbeds like Silicon Valley and New York it can be easy to forget that innovation can happen in your own backyard.  If four years at Boston College have provided any insight to undergraduates eyeing the tech industry, it should be that Boston has incredible potential as a progressive environment with its top […]

A few weekends ago, I led a group of eight of my fellow New England Classic writers down to Princeton University for the National Intercollegiate Humor Conference. Organized by the university’s own humor publication The Princeton Tiger, the humor conference has been held annually for the past five years, but this year marked the first time that the NEC […]

Mixing Blockchain and Government sounds like a George Orwell novel, but the general consensus seems to be that Blockchain will change democracy and government for the better.

“Can I get a gluten-free, non-dairy, low-fat, sugar-free, soy-free latte with a triple shot of espresso?” Ask a barista 20 years ago to make a beverage like that and they’d probably give you a dumbfounded stare, but nowadays if you’re not offering alternatives like soy, almond, rice or hemp milk in cosmopolitan cities like Manhattan […]

So this week Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be the lead in augmented reality. Now, we’ve talked about AR in class quite a bit as well as Facebook, but what can the implications of the former be on the latter? Because Facebook has sort of taken a follower position on most of its updates […]

The Boycott Begins In late March, major brands began removing their ads campaigns from all of Google’s non-search advertising platforms following the London Times’ investigation revealing that many of the companies’ ads had appeared tacked to videos promoting terrorism and propagating hate speech. Over the course of the next week, more than 250 companies, including […]

My sister’s birthday is coming up and I’m wondering what to get her. I went online to a number of her favorite stores and saw many had options to virtually send gifts. This idea has been around for a while as I remember years ago my aunt sent me a $5 gift card to Starbucks […]

40% of all food produced in the U.S. goes to waste.   Thanks to restaurant leftovers, spoiled household food, and unpurchased produce, Americans throw out roughly $165 billion in food each year. This discarded food forms the largest category of municipal solid waste in landfills–which releases billions of tons of greenhouse gasses. At the same time that we are wasting […]

In my first blog post about initial thoughts, I wrote about how we live in a world no longer bound by time and space. The digital age has brought us together by freeing us from the restrictions of geography and time zones, as well as giving us an opportunity to further develop our networks that cater to […]

Boat building, especially in the sport fishing industry, has changed drastically over the last fifty years. There was once a time when boat builders chopped down their own trees, shaped their own wood, and carved each piece of timber into a hull that suited their needs on the water. During these years, boat builders scratched […]

Way back in 2007 or 2008, I got really into Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I don’t want to say I was one of the best you’ve ever seen but at the time, I could play Free Bird and Through the Fire and Flames on Expert above 90% so….. One day around this time, I […]

  What are Augmented and Mixed Reality? You have likely heard of virtual and augmented reality but I bet a lot of you are not too familiar with their cousin, mixed reality, also called hybrid reality. It is considered a subset of augmented reality. The difference? Mixed reality gives its users the ability to interact with […]

In the world of increasingly digital everything, it isn’t exactly novel news that newspapers have been struggling to adapt and stay relevant. Print media has been decaying, as more and more people prefer to read the news in an online format rather than through the traditional newspapers or magazines. And most reporting agencies have had […]

I’m writing this blog as a follow up to my in-class discussion on how advances in wearable devices, computing power, and connected networks are ushering disruption across the health care continuum. There’s a growing variety of technologies and devices competing in wearable technology category – I’m specifically focusing on devices designed for biometric data collection. I’ll […]

  I am one to admit that I spend my days looking up pictures of available dogs at the local animal shelter. It is great as you get all the information about the dog that you would have gotten if you actually went into the shelter. These sites such as pet finder tells you the […]