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It has been an enriching and rewarding semester delving into the world of social media business. Is social media changing our society? Is social media bad or good? I can write at length about these two questions and I can accumulate research to support an argument but I wouldn’t be elaborating on what I’ve gleaned […]


It’s fair to say that all universities across the globe are utilizing some form of electronic outreach namely, social media. Which institution is utilizing social in the most effective way? According to CollegeAtlas.org Boston College ranks 21 in ‘most influential colleges in social media’. The site aggregates data from 30 data points from 400 colleges […]

A Semester Reflection: My Top 5 Social Media Takeaways

It’s pretty crazy to see another semester of college go by—especially because this one marks my last. In two weeks, I will be up and running in the real world. For many reasons, I am happy I decided to take a social media class as an elective in my last college semester. It was awesome […]

Please Beware of Native Advertising!

For class this past Thursday, some of us were assigned a brief TED Talk entitled “The Moral Bias Behind Your Search Results.” It talked about how most people think of Google as a source for unbiased, unabridged, accurate, factual information. If you have a question, go to Google if you want the correct answer, right? […]

Building Relationships through Social Media

For years, there has been talk about how the internet and social media is isolating us from the “real” social world and how it decreases our face-to-face contact with other people. Social Presence Theory (Short, Williams, and Christie, 1976) for instance suggests that computer mediated communication deprives users of the sense that another actual person […]

BC Senior Gift 2016

Alright, so I have to come clean and admit that joining Senior Class Gift Committee was more of a social ploy than anything else.  The fact that it was another thing to add to my resume under the very empty category of “activities” was also an added bonus.  Being in charge of planning senior events […]

1 Week, 3.4 Million Albums

Remember when buying and receiving iTunes gift cards was useful? Whether they were for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts, $10 on an iTunes gift card could get you a whole album. However, those days are old news. These days, a majority of avid music listeners are subscribed to Spotify premium or loyal streamers on SoundCloud. […]