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The Role Social Media Amidst a Catastrophe

First off, I would like to say that my prayers are with the people of Paris and France during these horrific times. In wake of the attacks that occurred in Paris, people from all different countries took to social media for timely and accurate information. I am going to examine the roles Facebook and Twitter played […]

A Bad Week For Net Neutrality (And How The Markets Can Fix This)

It’s been a bad week for “net neutrality,” and more broadly, the future of the open web.

Is Your Twitter Header Blurry?

I would like to address a pet peeve of mine in regards to the aesthetic elements of various social media platforms. I believe presentation is sometimes overlooked or taken lightly when establishing a social media account. I feel from a branding standpoint, consistency goes a long way. I’ve researched a variety of Twitter accounts and […]

Chipotle and its Social Engaging of Customers

Have you ever perused through your Facebook of Twitter feeds and caught a post from a brand you follow, and think: “I wonder who wrote that?” Or have you ever found yourself following a news article right to Twitter handle of a company to view how it is engaging with its users? A week ago, I […]

Social Media’s Impact on Politics

President Obama created his first Facebook page this past Monday. He currently has over 900,000 likes but that number will soon become dated by the time this blog is posted. Since the page is fairly new there is not a lot of content posted yet but there are a few pictures, milestones and a brief […]

The veracity of online content

     With the plethora of social media platforms that are constantly publishing posts left and right, social media users are incessantly bombarded with content as they browse. Whether it be news and scores about the NBA playoffs or short updates about the ongoing political campaigns, social media users are subjected to updates on the […]

Taco Bell Pushing the Digital Experience

Being both a Southern California native and honorary Mexican-American, my infatuation for Mexican food goes beyond its authentic cuisine. However food preferences aside, my craze for Taco Bell is characterized by more than just a fast food pick me up. Regardless of your like/dislike for the Irvine, California based company, people can agree on one […]

Taylor Swift Using Social Media to Diminish Her Celebrity Identity

In my writing intensive course that is required for my communications major, I had to choose a musician to analyze for my final paper. Naturally, I chose arguably one of the most successful artists of all time, none other than Miss Taylor Swift. But why is Taylor so successful? Don’t get me wrong, I am […]

Say Goodbye To Your Friend the PSL and Say Hello to Red Cup

So as most of you already know, a few weeks ago I presented on Starbucks and their social media presence.  Part of my presentation was all about the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) and how its hype during fall season was of major benefit to the Starbucks brand.  With the end of Halloween and the beginning […]

Essena “I Quit Social Media” O’Neill

Would you quit social media cold turkey? This past week, 18-year-old, Australian, Essena O’Neill did just that. Over the past 4 years, Essena (Eh-seen-ah) O’Neill developed a huge follower base “with 570,00+ followers on Instagram, 250,000+ subscribes on YouTube, 250,000+ on Tumblr and 60,000+ average views on Snapchat.” She’s been asked to market products over her […]

Sign in for Depression

Social media has afforded us the ability to spend hours of our time looking at friends’ vacations, birthdays, weddings, and a variety of other momentous occasions. In effect we’re looking at peoples’ ‘highlight reels’. Sadly many people make the mistake of comparing their everyday lives to other’s highlights reels leading to jealousy, envy and even […]

The Power of the Swoosh

Across the entire world, people recognize this symbol. The Nike Swoosh. According to millennials, Nike is the top apparel brand in the world. Additionally, Nike owns the #3 and #7 apparel brands for millennials with Jordan and Converse respectively. Nike is the 18th most valuable brand, worth over $80 Billion. The company prides themselves on their […]

How @ASAPROCKY Kills the Insta Game

We often spend 20+ minutes making the perfect Instagram post. First comes the crop, then the filter, then some witty caption that usually involves a pun. Sometime we even try to find the right hashtag that could get the post to blow up and launch us to Insta fame! (Wishful thinking.) Then, for the following hours after […]

The Apple Experience: Greater Than The Sum of its Parts

Most experts agree that the iPhone is not the most technically superior smartphone in the market. In fact, several different phones are far superior to the iPhone in categories like screen resolution, battery life, and processing speeds. The Samsung Galaxy line of phones seem to be better across the board in terms of technical capabilities, and […]

Case Study: The University of Michigan

When it comes to social media, the world of higher education is a bit of a mess. Most arrived late to the game – some have yet to show up – and many have yet to figure out how to use social channels in an effective manner. Understandably, administrators are cautious about the way they […]