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If this semester has taught me anything, its that Social Media’s uses go far beyond what we utilize it for. Coming into college, I was sure that I was a master of the cyber world. I was getting about 20 likes per tweet, 100 likes per instagram, and my facebook profile likes had me on […]

Taylor Swift: The Porn Industry’s New Darling

Okay, Taylor Swift is not in the porn industry, but I got your attention. While she is not having sex on film, Taylor Swift, along with other entities such as Harvard, is buying up domain names to ensure she is not a casualty to the new surge of web page names, set to become available later […]

You go? I go? WiGo!

There is another player emerging on the ever-growing social media landscape.  That entrant is WiGo, a social media app that is an acronym for “Who Is Going Out.”  WiGo was founded by its current CEO Ben Kaplan, a 23-year-old Holy Cross dropout and former hockey player.  The app was created after Kaplan pitched his idea to a panel […]

More than Status Updates: Initial Thoughts on Social Media

Like most kids born in the early 90’s, when I was growing up I never thought much about the potential power and complete uses of social media. Entering the early 2000’s, it was clear social media was booming from its establishment decades earlier with the reply all feature in email, but its superficial uses were […]

Social Media Journey: Humble Beginnings and Initial Thoughts

This blog entry has been on my mind for quite some time. Being someone who spends a lot of time on the computer, it was interesting to look back and figure out my journey through social media. Thinking about the first instance that I used social media was daunting, but after some thought, I immediately […]

The Gateway Drug of Social Media: AIM

AOL instant messenger. You remember the buddy lists, the BFFs, the angsty pop-song-lyric away messages, and best of all—the screen names. Even if you were an MSN or Yahoo! messenger user, you know what I’m talking about. Despite all that late 90s nonsense, AIM was a brilliantly addicting platform, and it played an integral role in […]

Abridged Timeline of Social Media in My Life

10 years old Social Media first made an impression on my life in the 5th grade when my parents allowed me to sign up for an AOL account.  As a ten year old this was quite a big deal, as I now had access to my own email account and screen name, which was eloquently […]

Socially Awkward Media

Everyone has a different reaction to the idea of participating or speaking up in a public forum, or sometimes even just in private. Some people have no problem doing it and flourish. I would think there is a quiet majority who cringe and open their mouths only when absolutely necessary. Which, totally off topic, raises […]