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I wish I could find my MySpace account..

Admittedly so, when I first heard about this social media class I immediately imagined someone forcing us to blog and use technology we already know how to use. Then maybe discuss how social media has “ruined” the social aspects of real human interaction. But I am SO HAPPY I was wrong… My social media world began with […]


If this semester has taught me anything, its that Social Media’s uses go far beyond what we utilize it for. Coming into college, I was sure that I was a master of the cyber world. I was getting about 20 likes per tweet, 100 likes per instagram, and my facebook profile likes had me on […]

Taylor Swift: The Porn Industry’s New Darling

Okay, Taylor Swift is not in the porn industry, but I got your attention. While she is not having sex on film, Taylor Swift, along with other entities such as Harvard, is buying up domain names to ensure she is not a casualty to the new surge of web page names, set to become available later […]

Bots, Bots, Bots.

When I was in fifth grade growing up in South Australia, my friend introduced me to MSN messenger. (Equivalent to AOL messenger in the US, but long live MSN!). It was the first time I encountered social media. In my faint memory I remember there was a chat room full of random MSN-ers and one […]

Will Facebook be relevant in 10 years?

Do all social networking sites have an expiration date?  It is an interesting question, and around the Summer of 2012 multiple analysts predicted the end of Facebook in approximately ten years.  Myspace and Facebook are the progeny of Friendster, as you all know.  I have owned accounts on all three social networks; and, of the […]

The Internet of Things and Social Media

Most of you have probably heard about the impending Internet of Things (“IOT”); but, for those of you who have not, the IOT is the next big thing that promises to have our everyday gadgets and wares communicating with us through our personal overlords (read: our mobile phones).  And, this could be a wide range […]

Taking the Social Media Plunge

Okay, I’ll be honest… I initially took ISYS6621 thinking it would be an easy MBA elective. I thought to myself, “How hard can a class about Facebook and Twitter be?” When I found out we would have to blog, comment, and tweet on a normal basis, I got a little anxious. Facebook is the social […]

Social Media & Me

Prior to joining this class, my knowledge of social media and awareness of it’s influence on my life was limited.  Yes, I had a Facebook account, perused Instagram daily, had my resume on LinkedIn, and communicated through emails. However, social media seemed to be an activity that I selected to participate in, rather not something […]

The Gateway Drug of Social Media: AIM

AOL instant messenger. You remember the buddy lists, the BFFs, the angsty pop-song-lyric away messages, and best of all—the screen names. Even if you were an MSN or Yahoo! messenger user, you know what I’m talking about. Despite all that late 90s nonsense, AIM was a brilliantly addicting platform, and it played an integral role in […]

Abridged Timeline of Social Media in My Life

10 years old Social Media first made an impression on my life in the 5th grade when my parents allowed me to sign up for an AOL account.  As a ten year old this was quite a big deal, as I now had access to my own email account and screen name, which was eloquently […]

Socially Awkward Media

Everyone has a different reaction to the idea of participating or speaking up in a public forum, or sometimes even just in private. Some people have no problem doing it and flourish. I would think there is a quiet majority who cringe and open their mouths only when absolutely necessary. Which, totally off topic, raises […]