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Put a Ring(ly) On It

With the most recent launch of the Apple Watch, I became curious about other players in the wearable technology field. I also started to wonder about what all the tech products will look like in a few years. It was clear that Apple focused on the design piece, giving options on color and type of […]

The Great Unbundling

The What: Last Monday, Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO) announced their partnership with Apple to begin streaming content via a stand-alone service called HBO Now. Beginning this April, entertainment seekers can pay $15 a month for access to past and present HBO content including shows, movies, sports content, etc. I have read some mixed reports saying that […]

Will Facebook be relevant in 10 years?

Do all social networking sites have an expiration date?  It is an interesting question, and around the Summer of 2012 multiple analysts predicted the end of Facebook in approximately ten years.  Myspace and Facebook are the progeny of Friendster, as you all know.  I have owned accounts on all three social networks; and, of the […]

Apple Watch Puts Social Media on Our Wrists

Yesterday, Apple, the company known for innovation in technology and design, officially came out with its entirely new product, the Apple Watch (which comes in three different styles, Apple Watch, Sport, and Edition). Though customers will need to wait until April to purchase this wearable device, Apple used yesterday’s “Spring Forward” event to showcase some of the features to be expected from its Watch. Some of the most interesting and unique parts of this device are its social features, which span traditional platforms of social media, such as Instagram and Twitter, to newer outlets of connecting with other Apple users, for example its ability to send another person your heartbeat.

Gaming Apple App Rankings

One of the best things that Apple has going for it is their level of scrutiny with regards to the mobile applications that are released on the Apple store.  In direct contrast to Droid’s minimal quality assurance standards, Apple has done a tremendous job in filtering out developmental disasters, and malware from their online Store. […]

The Internet of Things and Social Media

Most of you have probably heard about the impending Internet of Things (“IOT”); but, for those of you who have not, the IOT is the next big thing that promises to have our everyday gadgets and wares communicating with us through our personal overlords (read: our mobile phones).  And, this could be a wide range […]

Some predictions for Social Media in 2015

Social Media has a wide variety of uses that have not been fully utilized, or as Professor Kane sometimes remarks, “we’re just scratching the surface.”  There are a few ways that I can see digital marketing, product promotion, and collective interest  being used to capitalize on the medium’s ability to reach individuals.  But, for everything […]

Initial Expectations for Social Media

While I have blogged previously, social media has changed since I blogged (more on this shortly) and it will be interesting to see some of the ways social media is used.  In fact, I heard common example of how social media is used to provide awareness and generate business earlier tonight in my Managing Technology class. […]

The Silicon Valley of the East

When someone mentions Israel, what comes to mind? Is it violence, war, and terrorism? How about desert, camels, and sand? If these terms are spot on, you are not alone. Unfortunately, the former group of terms dominates world media, and the latter comes from assumptions based on Israel’s geographic region. Believe it or not, one […]

God On My iPod

Fun facts about me I love God If you are to see me walking around campus (or anywhere) I will most likely have headphones in. However instead of bumping Yeezus I favor listening to Jesus on my iPod. This blog post is going to focus on how. I am very fortunate to be a part […]

The Art of Asking Good Questions.

This weekend I read a book titled Start with why, How Great leaders Inspire everyone to take action by Simon Sinek. It was undoubtedly an entertaining read, however I was not impressed. Nothing Sinek had to say was original. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because originality doesn’t always imply literary merit. Unfortunately, everything menaningful […]