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Recently my good friend Danny decided that he wanted to travel to Columbia and provide medical care to the impoverished, underserved communities. In order to get the proper resources to make it to Columbia, Danny has decided to use a crowdfunding service to support his goal (don’t worry, I won’t be soliciting you for donations […]

The Boston Marathon and Social Media Keeps Us #BostonStrong

Every year, people flock to Boylston Street to cheer on the Boston Marathon runners. The racecourse is marked with blue and yellow flags indicating how many more miles until the finish line, and fans line the 26.2-mile course eager to cheer on the athletes racing. The Boston Marathon is an event that is very near […]

The Boston Marathon Bombing: Social in the Midst of Crisis

Over the years, it has become obvious that social media is an extremely effective tool in sharing news and reaching wide audiences. In the midst of any popular national or global event, Twitter is bound to be involved with trending hashtags to develop and host conversation online. The power of the Internet has changed the […]

MI621, or Why I’m Still Madly in Love with Social Media

My initial thoughts on social media post had the alternate title of “An Ode to Twitter,” gesturing to my love of the microblogging platform. When I entered this class, I considered myself to have a pretty solid understanding of social media and yet also realized that it seemed like an untapped resource. I ended the […]

Boston Wins the World Series of Social Media

I will admit it; I have a major Boston bias. It’s hard not to when you have lived here your whole life. I mean, aside from the weather, what’s not to love? We have incredible sports teams and even more impressively an incredible community. Both of which were proven last night when the Red Sox […]

Social Media in a Changing World

In my original blog post for #MI621 this semester, I spoke to the immovable power of Facebook and the enormous switching costs that one would incur when considering the vast amount of information (posts, pictures, videos and more) that would be lost if something new and better were to come along that did the exact […]

How Twitter Breaks the Rules

In class last Thursday, we discussed how Twitter was extremely helpful in relaying news during the Boston Marathon bombings and their aftermath. However, people also complained that things like false stories and inaccuracies confused them during the crisis. This led to the question, is Twitter changing the rules of journalism? While I’m no professional reporter, […]

In case of emergency, remain calm.

I thought that I understood the power of social media, but I was wrong. In the wake of the bombings that occurred at the Boston Marathon last Monday, social media proved to be one of the greatest assets to our modern world. Up until this point, I hadn’t realized the potential that social media had […]

#HeartBreakHill (*Updated*)

A long and at times hilly 26.2 miles. April. That only means one thing in the City of Boston. The Boston Marathon is upon us. Every Patriots’ Day, more than 500,000 spectators watch one of the most popular marathons in the United States. More than 20,000 runners take part in the marathon every year. The […]