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On an Ultralight Beam- This Is Everything

One of the biggest names in the entertainment world, and the star of my Twitter header, has recently taken to Twitter for self-promotion. He seems to be doing that in a rather, let’s say interesting, way, however. The internet has been on the edge of its seat and constantly refreshing their feeds to see what […]

My Social Media Journey: Final Thoughts

On my first blog post I described my 2005 encounter with social media, the strong role it grew to have during my formative years and my questions for how it would affect business as we know it. In keeping with that line of thought, I have broken down the lessons I’ve learned throughout the semester […]


It’s fair to say that all universities across the globe are utilizing some form of electronic outreach namely, social media. Which institution is utilizing social in the most effective way? According to CollegeAtlas.org Boston College ranks 21 in ‘most influential colleges in social media’. The site aggregates data from 30 data points from 400 colleges […]

How Target is Planning to Dominate the Holiday Season

Target is juicing up their social media campaign just in time for the holidays, using Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to capitalize on this shopping frenzy. Just to show how dedicated they are to social, Target has increased social media marketing spending by 30% for the holiday season. Colleen McDuffe, senior director of social media at […]

Should Brands Have Stood with France?

On Friday evening, when my phone started to buzz, I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. More hatred, suffering, fear and loss… and in a country that many of us consider to be close to home.  One that many of us have visited and that we quickly fell in love with; one we […]

Hefty Enlisted Moms to Sell Red Drinking Cups

Yes,  you read that title right. Hefty casted “cool moms who party hard” to sell their red Ultimate cups in under 50 seconds. These moms utilize the most cringeworthy slang that teens are notorious of using today including, but not limited to, “on fleek” and “#blessed”. Watch here: This campaign is arguably one of the most successful […]

No Man’s Sky: Become a Virtual Universe Explorer

A friend of mine involved in the gaming community came across this new futuristic game set to come out soon and after researching the capabilities of this game, I am convinced this is one of the coolest, breakthrough games yet.  It makes a statement about the computing power we now have and the possibilities of creating […]