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#fitfam: Growing a(n Extremely) Personal Brand

My 2013 New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight. So original, right? I had been overweight all my life, and though I had lost nearly 30 pounds since 2011, I wanted to take back control of my health, after doctors telling me for the better part of eight years that I needed to do something […]


Let’s face it… There are two extremes to interactions on social media: the good, and the bad. Some interactions foster close connections and allow people to immerse themselves in enriching conversations. Other social media interactions, however, can end up in heated, and frequently unfriendly, debate. When controversy arises on social media, it can often get […]

March Madness and Marketing Implications

It’s that time of the year again… March Madness! For those of you who are less familiar with the term, it is also known as the annual NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament. The term was coined after the crazy frenzy fans get into as they cheer for their favorite team to win the national […]

The Twitter War: BC vs. BU Admissions

As my presentation touched on last week in class, Twitter is on the up and up for fast information about the college admission process.  It is an excellent tool for colleges who both wish to recruit potential applicants and inform definite ones.  I’ve poured over different admission office accounts, and as my previous blog post […]

Prospective Students and Social Media

In class on Monday we listened to Jane Croke’s great presentation about how social media is changing college admissions. She presented the benefits of social media from an admissions counselor’s point of view, but for my blog post this week, I am going to switch it around and examine social media through the lens of a […]

Rapchat: Freestyling Made Easy

Rapchat is a mobile app that allows you to send raps/freestyles to your friends, all with the click of a few buttons.

A Tale of Fostering Access Through Social Media

Being the social media minded human that I am, my first step in crafting this week’s blog post was to peruse Google for some inspiration.  I thought my focus was going to be like last week’s: dissecting the use of a particular social app within college admissions offices.  Instagram was checked off the list so […]